West Highland White Terrier Club Ch Show 2006
Judge: Mrs Marie Purchon (Lindenka)

Special Beginners
(1 entered, 0 present)

Minor Puppy
(5, 5)
1. Griffiths's Karamynd Play The Game
2. Kabel's Llovall Leader Of The Pack
3. Cleland's Spring Surprise at Birkfell
Res. Milner's Juanne Barkode Breaka
VHC. Fryer's Hopecharm Major Luke

1. Abbey's Kristajen Know It All
2. Clarke's Lamsmore Leckbuie at Lynnsto
3. Hopecharm Major Luke

1. Kristajen Know It All
2. Cleland's Birkfell Second Chance
3. Wilson & Bailey's Lymehills Gaelic Mist

1. Windram's Kristenkenzie Fagan

1. Corri's Inverglen Lewis
2. Birkfell Second Chance

no entries

Post Graduate
no entries

(9, 6)
1. Wilson & Bailey's Lymehills Drambuie CC & Best In Show
2. Atkins' Kimgarwyn Crusader at Abercroft
3. Asheridglee Mr Dynamite
Res. Juanne The Liquorice Lad
VHC. Lynnsto Pellam

1. Minett's Duskhunter Millionheir Reserve CC
2. Jennings' Ch Comdale Action Man
3. Griffiths' Ch Karamynd High As A Kite
Res. Llovall Artful Dodger
VHC. Helfulheather Lucky Dip

1. Hayton's Highcross Haytime at Pedrohay


Special Beginners
(5 entered, 4 present)
1. Smith's Highcross Cascade
2. Vendyback's Heikers Ban Froach
3. Forrest's Colvinston Maggie May
Res. Pearson's Winoski Midsummer Magic

Minor Puppy
(7, 7)
1. Dunne's Charosmack Caught Lovin You
2. Kabel's Llovall All That Jazz
3. Hands' Crinan Celesta
Res. Carlin & Gilliot's Lizandycris Allayah
VHC. Morton's Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon

(5, 3)
1. Abbey's Kristajen Knows What's What
Best Puppy in Show
2. Fryer's Vogrie Lizzie Bryce by Hopecharm
3. Dingley's Davot Chase The Lady

(11, 9)
1. Kabel's Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall
Reserve CC
2. Griffiths' Karamynd Lilac Wine
3. Milner's Juanne Gin'N Just A Dash
Res. Dingley's Davot Chance Encounter
VHC. Corri's Inverglen Sula

(5, 3)
1. Karamynd Lilac Wine
2. Wyllie's Barbarella Cheeky Breeks
3. Windram's Cassara Princess

(4, 4)
1. Kristajen Knows What's What
2. Karamynd Lilac Wine
3. Davot Chance Encounter
4. Colvinston Maggie May

(5, 4)
1. Hayton's Silver Senorita at Pedrohay
2. Highcross Cascade
3. Colvinston Maggie May
4. Winoski Midsummer Magic

Post Graduate
(7, 6)
1. Berry's Incheril Firefly
2. Morton's Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
3. Silver Senorita at Pedrohay
Res. Minett's Duskhunter Rasamataze
VHC. Heikers Ban Froach

(8, 6)
1. Lancaster's Ch Clanestar Cloud Dancer
2. Edmondson's Pepabby Priceless
3. Smith's Davot Cher Bliss for Faymar
Res. Windram's Barnwin I'm Daisy May
VHC. Sarmac Genevas Star

(14, 8)
1. Griffiths's Karamynd Play To The Crowd
2. Berry's Incheril Aflame
3. Dunne's Charosmack Cause To Wonder
Res. Lancaster's Clanestar Careless Spell
VHC. Molony's Ch Killynether Kimiko

1. Milner's Joanne Gin'N Ice
2. Andrews' Birkfell Shining Star of Rupann
3. Andrews' Rupann Silver Charm

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