Champion Karamynd Play The Game

Top West Highland White Terrier 2009

by UK/Irish Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy

ex Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd

owned and bred by Jennie Griffiths

CC - Manchester

          CC & BOB - Crufts

CC, BOB & Group#3 - WELKS

Reserve CC - Birmingham National

CC & BOB - Scottish Kennel Club (May)

CC, BOB & Group#3 - Three Counties

CC & BOB - Border Union

CC & BOB - Welsh Kennel Club

CC, BOB & Group#2 - Darlington

CC - WHWT Club

CC & BOB - South Wales K A



Freddie SKC May09 cropped

Both dogs scored 35 points in the Dog World/Arden Grange competition.

Alfie had a show to remember at the L K A where he took his 6th CC and 5th BOB under Janet Eastwood (Brierlow), then topped his 1st Terrier Group (after three other placings) put up by  Portuguese judge, Dr P Dondina.  He returned on the last day of the show to be awarded Best In Show from Dr Dondina, taking him equal in points to Ch Karamynd Play The Game.  

But also became the first West Highland White Terrier in almost 20 years to win a Best In Show at a general Championship show, since Champion Olac Moon Pilot won Crufts in 1990.  Alfie has several lines to Paddy as seen below.


Champion Olac Moon Pilot

Karamynd website Freddie's TW page

Dog World Top Dog compettition

Champion Lamsmore


by Ch Krisma Streetwise

ex UK/Irish/Int Ch Lamsmore Miss Brodie

owned by Angus Gordon, bred by Sandra Sizmore

Lamsmore Fitzwritin

Reserve CC - Scottish Kennel Club (May)

   CC, BOB & Group#2 - Southern Counties

Reserve CC - Leeds

CC, BOB & Group#2 - Paignton

3rd CC - Bournemouth

Reserve CC - Welsh Kennel Club

CC, BOB & Group#3 - Scottish Kennel Club (Aug)

CC & BOB - City of Birmingham

Reserve CC - Belfast

Reserve CC - South Wales

CC, BOB, Group#1 & Best In Show - L K A

Alfie's Champ page Lamsmore Fitzwritin Photos of group win Photos of BIS win Olac Moon Pilot



at Olac

Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass



Ch Ashgate Hielan Laddie         Ch Ashgate Bern Era

Nordic Ch Ashgate Shielfoot



Ashgate Sanda of Bellevue

Champion Lamsmore Fitzwritin













Hungarian Ch Bellevue Special

Attraction of Ashgate


UK/Italian Ch Ashgate Sonsie


UK/Irish/Am/Int Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (import)





Les Ma Hagow




Bein Mh'or of Lamsmore





Irish/Int/UK Ch Lamsmore Miss Brodie

Ch Krisma Streetwise


LamsMissBrodie KrismaStreetwise

Wesscots Honeymoon



Ch Wesscots One Knight Stand



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