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Champion Pepabby Priceless JW



Best Puppy - Birmingham National

Best Puppy - City of Birmingham



1st CC & BIS - W H W T Club of England

Reserve CC - W E L K S

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (August)



2nd CC - National Terrier

3rd CC & BOB - Birmingham National

4th CC - South Wales K A

5th CC - East of England

6th CC & BOB - Driffield

7th CC & BOB - Belfast

8th CC & BIS - W H W T Club

9th CC - Midland Counties

10th CC, BOB & Group#3 - L K A

Roxie took her title at Birmingham National becoming her kennel's 8th Champion, all homebred.  She made her debut in 2005 and took her first CC from junior at the Centenary show of the WHWT Club of England in 2006 then took 9CCs in 2007 to become Top Westie, the first Pepabby Champion to take the title.  After her 10th CC she was placed 3rd in the Terrier Group at LKA and became the Pepabby Champion with most CCs.

Roxie descends from 6 of the previous Pepabby Champions and is the 5th generation Champion bitch.  She is the first Champion for her parents, Ch Krisma Jammydodger and Ch Pepabby Precious.  Precious is a daughter of Ch Pepabby Personality, who in turn is a daughter of Ch Pepabby Pavlova who is from the first Pepabby bitch Champion, Pepabby Petite.  Other Champions Pepabby Poacher and Pepabby Poppet (another Petite daughter) appear in Roxie's pedigree through the sire of Precious, Pepabby Paramount.  The other Champion, Pepabby Prim was owned by Lynne Jenkinson.


Champion Pepabby


by Pepabby Paramount ex Ch Pepabby Personality

CC - Three Counties 2002

CC - Darlington 2002

CC - Three Counties 2003

CC - East of England 2003

Owned and bred

by Joe and Pat


Handled by Julie


Champion Pepabby


by Ch Kristajen Charterman ex Ch Pepabby Petite

CC - Richmond 1992

CC - Birmingham 1993

CC & BOB - Scottish K C (May) 1993

CC & BIS - Combined Clubs 1993

CC - WHWT Club 1994

CC - Blackpool 1994

Champion Pepabby


by Pepabby Posh ex Ch Pepabby Pavlova

CC - Bournemouth 1995

CC & BOB - Scottish Breeds 1996

CC - Crufts 1997

CC - National Terrier 1997

CC - WHWT Club of England 1997

CC, BOB & Group#3 - WELKS 1997

CC - Southern WHWT Club 1997

CC & BOB - Scottish K C (May) 1998

CC - Border Union 1998

Champion Pepabby


by Ch Haweswalton Houdini ex Highstile Prose

CC - Welsh K C 1986

CC & BOB - Darlington 1986

CC & BOB - Scottish K C (August) 1987

CC - Belfast 1987

Champion Pepabby Poacher

by Ch Highstile Paladin ex Highstile Prose

CC - Blackpool 1985

CC - Leeds 1985

CC & BOB - Crufts 1986

CC, BOB & Reserve BIS - Scottish Breeds 1986

CC - Border Union 1986

Champion Pepabby Prim

by Tasman Illustration at Clantartan

ex Pepabby Pollyanna (Poppet's litter sister)

owned by L Jenkinson (Highcross)

CC - Scottish Breeds 1993

CC & BIS - WHWT Club 1995

CC, BOB & Group#2 - Scottish K C (August) 1997

CC - Belfast 1997

Champion Pepabby Poppet

by Pepabby Posh ex Ch Pepabby Petite

CC - Combined Clubs 1990

CC - East of England 1990

CC - N of I WHWT Club 1990



CC & BOB - Leeds 1985, litter sister of Poacher and dam of Posh




Posh JW

by Olac Moonmaverick ex Promise RCC winner and sire of 2 UK Champions


The four generations of Champion bitches behind Priceless

Other Pepabby winners appearing in the pedigree

and another Pepabby Champion...



CC - South Wales 1994, daughter of Poacher and Poppet, and dam of Paramount





sire of Ch Precious

Roxie winning her 1st CC

& BIS - W H W T Club of England












Roxie winning Terrier Group#3

under Judy Averis at LKA 2007.

Photo courtesy of Higham Press