TOP  PUPPY  2008

TOP  PUPPY  2008

UK/Int Ch Glenoostie Magician of Rotella

Rotella Scarlet Harlot


Hopecharm Full Of Fire

Rotella Who Lovsya Baby


UK/Int Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate

Gilbri Dominique


UK/Am Ch Vallange Lord Of Love

Wistonant Little Sadie

Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka


Rotella Lovyootoo Hopecharm



UK/Irish Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town


Wistonant Wild Jasmin

Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd




Ch Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri

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by Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for  Karamynd

ex Ch Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri

owned and bred by Tracy and Ray Gaydon


Best Puppy - Windsor

Best Puppy & Puppy Group#4 - Bournemouth

Best Puppy - City of Birmingham

Williwontee won consistently through the year to take the Top Puppy title.  His sire is a former Top Puppy as is his great granddam, Gilbri Dominique (1998).  Royal Ruby gained her title in 2008 and won a Reserve CC as a puppy.  Williwontee and sisters Charisma and Green Star winner Ella are from her first litter.

Talk Of The Town sired two BP winners in 2008; Ruby's younger sister, W Anastasia of Comdale and, making her debut at LKA,  the Gaydon's Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri.

The Karamynd kennel's first three Champions were all by Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka.

Kasey Jones Rowan Macconachi Tyme Share

Ch Newtonglen Tyme Share at Karamynd (2000)

bred by Mary Torbet

3CCs, 1BOB

Ch Karamynd Kasey Jones at Earlsdale (2000)

owned by Cherry Jones

4CCs, 3BOB, Group#1 & #3

Top Westie (Dog World) 2000

Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd (2003)

bred by Shauna Fryer

12CCs, 9BOB, BIS National Terrier 2003, 2 x Group#2, 1 x Group#3, Top Puppy 2000, Top Westie 2003, Top Sire 2003, Top Stud 2006 & 2007, sire of 9 UK Ch.






KaraPlayToTheCr KaramHighAsAKite KaramyndBreenie

Ch Karamynd High As A Kite

(2004) 12CCs, 7BOB

3 x BIS Club Ch Shows

Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause

(2006) 4CCs, 1BOB

BIS - Southern WHWT Club 2005

Best Bitch Crufts 2006 & 2007

Ch Karamynd Play To The

Crowd (2007) 5CCs, 1BOB

BIS - Scottish Breeds 2007





Karamynd Playing The Game Karamynd Freddie

Swedish/Norwegian Ch Karamynd Playing The Game

owned by B & C Hasselgren (Tweed)

Ch Karamynd Play The Game




Ch Karamynd Lilac Wine


3CCs, 1BOB


Karamynd Take A Bow


Karamynd Take A Bow



a NZ Champion

2 UK Best Puppy winners

in 2008



1 other UK Champion in 2008

2 US Champions

1 UK Best Puppy winner in



4 Best Puppy winners in 2008, one with a Reserve CC.

Download his pedigree See the former Top Pups WistonantRRatGil Rowan cropped Gilbri Williwontee

Photo by Ray Gaydon