Hopecharm Indee Know at Kristajen

Top Brood Bitch 2009

by Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Hopecharm Karamynd Ona Journey

owned by Jean Abbey, bred by Shauna Fryer

Indee Know had her only litter to Hopecharm Willie Gofar (litter brother of Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamyd) and produced Ch Kristajen Knows What's What (Alice) and CC winner Kristajen Know It All (Trevor).  Both won CCs in 2009 giving their dam the title of Top Brood Bitch.  Indee Know's granddam, Hopecharm Full Of Deelite at Karamynd has previously won the title twice in 2005, 2006 and 2007, due to the wins of her three UK Champion offspring, the littermates of Ona Journey.

Champion Kristajen Know What's What

won her 2nd and 3rd CCs on consecutive days during the Belfast weekend, becoming Jean Abbey's 10th UK Champion and the 2nd for sire, Hopecharm Willie Gofar.

In 2008, no bitch produced more than one CC winner but in 2009 there were two.  The second was:



Precious Pearl is the litter sister of 2009 CC winner, Olton Aye Sweater Man.  They are by Multi titled Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Olton Aye Bonne Chance, a bitch with a European sire.

Pearl's elder son, Hillcloud Blizzard was BIS at the Southern WHWT Club, while her latest daughter, Hillcloud Drizzle won her 1st CC at LKA while still a puppy.

Olton Aye Precious Pearl at Hillcloud

owned by Jacky Ash and bred by Rob Hill & Mike Wilson.


Three of Washy's granddaughters gained their UK titles in 2009:

Kimgarwyn Pebble TomlyndonLookOfL Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri

Ch Kimgarwyn Pebble

owned and bred by the Squires

from a Lasara bred Washy daughter.

Ch Tomlyndon Look Of Love

owned and bred by the Wests

by Washy son, Ch Lindenka Brannigan.

Ch Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri

owned by the Gaydons, bred by Tina Squire

from a Washy daughter, the younger sister of UK/Int Ch B Trigger Happy.

Other CC winners descended from Streetwise:

Atkins' Kimgarwyn Crusader at Abercroft (a grandson through his dam), Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale (a grandson through a sister of Trigger Happy), Britten's Krisma Dot To Dot (a granddaughter through her dam, Ch Krisma Town Flirt but also descends through her sire), Steemson's Bocans Hot Stuff (a great granddaughter through Trigger Happy), Squire's Kimgarwyn Outlaw (a great grandson through Brannigan) and Lindenka Sullivan (a great grandson through a sister of Brannigan and also a great great grandson through the dam of Pebble and Crusader).

Asheridgelee Miss Attitude

owned and bred by Pam Reidie

a great granddaughter, through Trigger Happy.

Duskhunter Dutch Courage

owned and bred by Linda Minett

a great grandson through another younger sister of  Trigger Happy.

Krisma Spitnpolish

owned and bred by Dot Britten

a great grandson and great great grandson, through Brannigan

and Krisma Home Alone.

Ashgate Mckenzie

owned and bred by Sue Thomson

a great great grandson,

through Trigger Happy.

KrismaSpitnpolish crop AsheridgeleeMissAttitudeWebOnly-2 duskhunterdutchcourage McKenzie ChKingsviewMakeOrBreak

Other Reserve CC winners descended from Streetwise:

Ch Kingsview Make Or Break

owned and bred by Julie Coley

a granddaughter through

her dam.

Best Puppy winners descended from Streetwise:

Bellevue Knight Catcher

owned by Julie Steemson, bred by Tina Squire.  A great great grandson through Trigger Happy.

Faymar Free Agent

owned by Joyce Skelton, bred by Val Smith.

He is by Krisma Spitnpolish.

Asheridgelee Miss Attitude

owned and bred by Pam Reidie

a great granddaughter, through Trigger Happy.

Ch Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri

owned by the Gaydons, bred by Tina Squire.  A granddaughter through a sister of Trigger Happy.

Bellevue Party Spirit

owned and bred by Tina Squire

A younger sister of Knight Catcher.

Llovall A Real Deal at Comdale

owned by Steve & Denise Jennings

bred by Jane Kabel

Top Puppy 2009

A great granddaughter through her maternal granddam, Krisma Home Alone and a great great granddaughter through her sire's line.

Diva66web Kristajen Know Whats What Kristajen Know It All

Kristajen Know It All

Trevor took his first CC at the National Terrier, a week after his junior daughter took her 1st at Scottish Breeds (she later won a 2nd).  During the year, Trevor took 6 Reserve CCs.

HillcloudDrizzleWeb Hillcloud Blizzard


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