Southern WHWT Club Championship show 2008

21st September 2008, Whitchurch, Hants.

Judge: Mr Geoff Corish (Sealaw)


I was thrilled to judge the 25th anniversary for the club as I was also present for the first Ch. Show they held. The hall was decorated with photos from the past, very impressive. It was a large hall so everyone had room to move their dog. The entry of 150 dogs was quite something & I thank everyone for coming. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. As to the shape of the breed at present I think overall the quality is better then the last time I judged. Heads are still a problem, lack of stop means no boney ridges over the eyes, and so gives a bland expression. Teeth are still like little grains of rice in the gums, instead of the large teeth called for. Best in Show to Ch. Karamynd Playing The Game. My report follows but it was interesting to find he is sired by Crufts Best of Breed winner & litter brother to my World Best in Show winner as well. Reserve Best in Show to Ch Pebabby Priceless, also sired by another favourite Jammy Dodger. Best Puppy Karamynd Playing Away at Tomlyndon.

Class 1.  Special Beginners  Dog (2,1 absent)

1st  Anthonys Rozamie Dream On with Charmedautum, 18 month old dog, ok for size, well balanced head, good straight front, well boned, good topline. Could carry a little more bodyweight and just needs to mature in body, which will come with time.

Class 2. Minor Puppy Dog (5, 1 absent)

1stMinnets Duskhunter Dutch Courage, Just a baby as you would expect at this age, good outline, ex. Neck & shoulders, good coat texture, sound coming & going, very assured for his age, and with maturity should do well.  

2ndHammets Hollowview Spirit of a Cloud , similar age to 1 and perhaps better in body condition. Not quite the head of 1, but he is a nice overall balance. Good front, short backed, sound on the move, but not as collected as 1.

3rdJohnsons Craigatin Just F Us

Class 3.  Puppy Dog (11, 1 absent)

This was one of the toughest classes of the day, the final 5 all varied in size, head type and movement.

1st Wests  Karamynd Playing Away at Tomlyndon  Not a big dog but had the best head & expression of the final 5. Stacked he has a good outline, good neck & shoulder, straight in front, could have been more together on the move. Well presented in good coat and texture. Well handled. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Gaydons Gilbri Williwontie Thought this young dog would be my winner when he came in. Super outline & nice for size, I like his head balance, but not his expression, his eye being a bit round. Well presented as always and another who didn't perform as well on the move.

3rd Jennings Comdale Top Gun

Class 4. Junior Dog (5)

1stBrittens Krisma Spitnpolish very nice type, love his head & expression. Good front, ex. Reach of neck. Good topline, good reach of drive on the move, superbly presented. In better coat than 2.

2ndDales Lynnsto Stand and Deliver Like this dog very much &  very close to 1. Lovely head , dark eye, small neat ears, good bone & front. Sound coming & going. Well presented as always, but not as good in body coat at this present time.

3rdSmiths Royalcartier Entertainer


Class 5. Novice Dog (4)

1stKabels Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr , Even though this young chap wasnt to happy I felt overall he was the best in his class. He is a lovely shape, good reach of neck, good shoulders, ex. topline. He has a good head & expression. Neatest of ears, hope he can get a bit more confidence.

2ndMillens Sarmac Starlite Express . Another not really helping himself, not as good in head as 1. Would like a shorter muzzle, good neck & shoulder, good front, good topline. Coat not as hard as 1, would prefer a shorter tail.

3rdBartons Emanhay Bob Cratchett at Ryebeck  

Class 6. Tyro Dog  Absent

Class 7.  Post Graduate Dog (5)

1stFosters Thozow Good Etiquette , Nice head & expression. Good reach of neck, good top line, straight front. Excellent coat texture & was well presented. Sound coming & going. Could just carry his tail a little higher on the move.

2ndShaws Matheron McVitie, out of a smaller mould to 1, and excels in side movement with good reach of drive. Excellent coat texture & a good colour. Sound coming & going. Well handled.

3rdHiggs Touchwood My Cool Winna

Class 8. Limit Dog(14, 4 absent)

A good class.

1stCrocketts Havasu High Tech , Very showy young dog of 22 months, can still carry a touch more bodyweight. Very sound with reach of drive, good reach of neck, good topline & tailset. Beautiful hard white coat, should do well. For the CC I just felt he lacked a bit of  maturity, but a dog I realy liked.

2ndThomsons Ashgate US Patriot , Very similar in type to 1, not quite as outgoing, good reach of neck, excellent topline & tailset. Good front, excellent coat texture, sound coming & going.

3rdMinetts Candido Du Moulin De Mac Gregor


Class 9. Open Dog (13, 5 absent)

What a nice class.

1st Griffiths  Ch Karamynd Play the Game , I liked this dogs size & outline, and have never seen him move so well. Very typical of our breed & moves with reach & drive as well as side gait. Good reach of neck, good shoulders, excellent top line & tail set. Well handled by his young handler. DCC  & BIS

2ndSquires   Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher , Have admired this dog from the ringside, and so was delighted to be able to go over him. Little higher on leg to 1, but still balanced with good front. Well ribbed, with best of shoulders and moves out so well. Beautifully presented. RDCC

3rdMellors  Ch Bellevue Caught in the Act at Jillso


Class 10. Veteran Dog or Bitch (11, 2 absent)

Just wished the BBC had been here to see how healthy our breed is. With several here of 10 years or over and still in sparkling condition

1 Levitts Glenevitt Dream, A nice bitch of 10 years old and still in good form, moves so well, still in good coat. She has a lovely head & expression. Best Veteran

2ndMilners Joanne Gin N Ice, Have seen this bitch from puppy to now a veteran and has still not lost any of her qualities. Still moves out well for a 10  year old, and still in good coat. They all were a credit to their owners.

3rdFosters Ch Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow

Class 11. Special Beginners Bitch (4)

1stWindrams Cassara Princess , Very nice type, lovely size, Good neck & shoulder. Very good in front. Sound both ways. Very feminine in head & expression.

2ndCobbs Fosseleigh Coryn, Another nice bitch, a little higher on leg then 1, but still with a good overall balance. Similar in head & expression to 1 but not quite as good in front, standing or moving. Well presented.

Class 12. Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 1 absent)

1stKabels Llovall As Mama Said , Very promising young lady. Very sassy & outgoing, lovely size & outline. Very good front, sound moving both ways. Shown in very good coat & well presented.

2ndSquires Bellevue Full of Spirit , Little more mature then 1 and also a little more up on leg. She has a good outline, with good reach of neck, excellent coat & presentation. Just refused to use her ears on the day, which spoiled her expression somewhat.

3rdLilley & Millings Lilmill Giv Me Your Answer Do


Class 13. Puppy Bitch (15,6 absent)

1stColeys Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview , What a little star this is, really caught my eye when she came in & just as nice to go over. Lovely size & so feminine, with well balanced head, dark eye and neat little ears topped with a good outline, she is sure to do well.

2ndLancasters Clanestar Careless Affair , Another I really liked when I caught sight of her, not in quite the coat of 1, but having said that , so much of what I have written for 1, could apply to her. Sure these two will have battles in the ring.

3rdShaws Matheron with Attitude


Class 14. Junior Bitch (10, 4 absent)

Not an easy class this with the first 3 different in so many ways

1st  Davisons Bensted Manna Mielle Fieule at Braxquin , out of a smaller mould but all in all the best of the three. Gorgeous head and excellent neat ears. Could have a little bit more reach of neck  but having said that she was very sound and held her top line on the move  and was in god coat

2nd Dales Lynnsto Ultraviolet. Slightly more of her than no 1 but not as short in back. Feminine  in head and expression. Good front standing .Good hindquarters and wel presented as always from this owner  

3rd Jennings Wistonant Anastasia of Comdale

Class 16 Novice Bitch Absent

Class 17 Tyro Bitch (7)

1st  Coleys Kingsview American Pie.  Nice for size and over all balance. Very out going  on the move , sound coming and going .Lovely head and good dark eye .Excellent pigment ,neat ears ,good top line and a very nice little tail not often seen these days

2nd  Sweetzers Ambalasi Full of Ambition . Similar in size to 1 , not quite as out going but did enough. Sound coming and going. Very feminine in head and expression . Good pigment in very good coat  

3rd  Mealings Reifrandies Gansie Maid

Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch (14)

1st Foxs Hillsted Sweet Breeze. Headed an interesting class. Scores in out line and on the move. Very feminine with good expression. Good front and excellent coat  texture. Nicely presented and handled

2nd Kabels Davot Carry on Llovall. Slightly higher on the leg but she is very nicely balanced with good reach of neck . Good top line and good tail set. Good neck and shoulders and was in super coat and well presented

3rd Lilley & Millings Lilmill Bright Star

Class 18 Limit Bitch (11,4 abs)

1st Griffiths Karamynd Take a Bow. A very nice bitch I really liked. Her head and expression for me the best in the class. Well balanced with good stop which I didnt find  ften today. She is a nice size, right amount of leg. Moves well both ways but didnt move so well in the challenge- a pity

2nd Wests Tomlyndon Look of Love. Similar in balance to 1 and really a lot could apply again . A nice size, well balanced. In excellent coat and presentation. Although she has similar head type to 1 she lacks a bit of stop and so loses a bit in expression

3rd Squire Krisma Joyride

Class 19 Open Bitch (13,6 abs)

This was a class full of nice bitches so I decided on profile movement and top lines on the move

1st Edmondsons  BCC & RBIS Ch Pepabby Priceless Have liked this bitch ever since I gave her best puppy 3 years before. She is a real true West Highland. She is a correct size , lovely head and moves as the breed should. I was delighted to see her again and to award another  CC to her impressive list

2nd Coleys RBCC Kingsview Make Or Break Dont think I have ever seen this bitch before but I was very taken with her and it was a close decision between these two.

Iike no 1 she has a true Westie expression with that real varminty expression that we are losing. Shown in great coat though could have a little more but that would be nit picking  

3rd Lancasters Ch Clanestar Careless Spell

Class 20 Brace (2 )

1st  Mr and Mrs Windrams

2nd  Mrs R Mealing