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Both CC winners at SWKA took their first CCs at the same show, Manchester 2002.  Today the dog won his 7th CC and the bitch her 3rd and qualifying CC.  BOB went to the dog, Ch Burneze Chatter Box, owned and bred by Marie and Ann Burns, one of the seven Westies to take group or BIS wins this year.  Reserve to him was another, Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd, owned by Jennie Griffiths.

The bitches were topped by Ashgate Iolaire of Lamsmore, owned by Sandra Sizmore and bred by Sue Thomson.  She is the 3rd Champion for the Lamsmore kennel (and the second CC winner in 2003).  The first was Ch Bella Noch at Rosquin, made up in 1998 and owned by the Quinns.   The second was Ch Ashgate Sassy in 2000.  She shares the same sire as Iolaire in Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe.  Iolaire's daughter, Lamsmore Floraness was BIS at the recent Southern Club open show.  The Ashgate success continued with Pilgrim winning the day's Champion stakes.

Reserve to Iolaire was Glenevitt Dream On, a first for her.  She is owned and bred by the Levitts.  Best Puppy was the dog, Llovall License To Thrill, owned and bred by Jane Kabel.  He is the 14th Best Puppy winner for his sire, Ch Krisma Streetwise and later won the Puppy Terrier group.


Minor Puppy

1.Ashgate Scot's Progress (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Scots Sagacity)

2. Lymehills Achiltibuie (Lymehills Jack The Lad ex Westwhip Prodigy)



1. Llovall License to Thrill (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Llovall All Of Me)



1. Ambasali Fancy Free (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Benary Spells Ambition)

2. Bellevue Foxtrot with Angilgate (NZ Ch Bellevue Highland Fling ex )

3. Juanne Jaunty Jack Tar (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Joanne Gin'n Ice)



1. Inverglen Celtic Raider (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Inverglen )


Post Graduate

1. Llovall Artful Dodger (Llasara Laserlight ex Llovall All My Lovin)

2. Davot Chivalrous Chap (Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer ex Palubriken Chime Of Freedom via Davot)

1. Ambasali Fire Cracker (Ch Benary Specious ex



1. Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen (Inverglen Brigadier ex Birkfell Solemn Melody)

2. Janchard Unforgeta-Bell (Ch Ashgate Bern Era ex Jillso Sophies Choice at Janchard)

3. Jopeta Flash Harry (Hillsted Super Trouper ex Jopeta's Charismatic)



1. Ch Burneze Chatter Box (Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy ex Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze)

2. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd (Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka ex Rotella Lovyootoo Hopecharm)

3. Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (It Ch Wikeland Connor ex UK/It Ch Ashgate Sonsie)



Minor Puppy

1. Duskhunter Make Believe (Pryorvale Image Maker ex Duskhunter Just Splendid)

2. Kingsview Willo The Wisp (Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Kingsview Skylark)

3. Cloonbeggane First Love (Cloonbeggane Just My Guy ex Cloonbeggane Party Popper)



1.  Ashgate Mary (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ch Ashgate Spey)

2. Reifrandies Gansie Maid

3. Trewen Tartan Fashion (Trewen Garrison ex



1. Pryorvale Travellers Quest (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Pryorvale Movie Star)

2. Ambasali Full Of Charm (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Benary Spells Ambition)

3. Birbrinda Morning Star by Sarmac (Sarmac This Is My Moment ex Birbrinda Buffetiere)



1. Ryebeck Willow's Whisper (Jopeta Jared Macpherst ex Ryebeck Willo The Wisp)


Post Graduate

1. Royalcartier Miss Elegant at Lesanthas (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Royalcartier Elegance)

2. Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow (Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man ex Havasu Honesty)

3. Tomlyndon Tristana (Ch Lindenka Brannigan ex Tomlyndon Pride Of Frien)



1. Burlmere Bella Bueno (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Burlmere Bossanova)

2. Lindenka Lana to Elmeon (Ch Kimgarwyn Cagney ex Lindenka Zippitydoodah)

3. Lamsmore Floraness (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ashgate Iolaire of Lamsmore)



1. Ashgate Iolaire of Lamsmore (Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe ex Ashgate Speshul)

2. Glenevitt Dream On (Benary Spot On ex Glenevitt Sweet Dreams)

3. Bellevue Adorable (Janchard Unforgeta-Bell ex Wesscots Fairytail)