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Jean Abbey (Kristajen) judged the breed at Windsor.  She found her BOB in the Gaydon's Irish Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town, winning his 2nd CC on the day.  He came from the first litter sired in this country by Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate and is the third of his offpsring to win a CC in 2004.  Reserve went to Ch Burneze Chatter Box, his 6th so far this year.  In bitches a new CC winner was created, Kingsview Willo The Wisp, owned and bred by Julie Coley.  She won a BP award in 2003 and becomes a 2nd CC winner of the year for her sire Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd and is from a Ch Krisma Streetwise daughter.  Reserve went to another former BP winner, Juanne Gin'n Soda, owned by the Milners winning her first major award.  Best Puppy went to Marie Purchon's minor puppy bitch Lindenka Kerrygan, a third BP of the year for Kimgarwyn Apollo ex a Streetwise daughter, L Shannon.  Both minor puppy dog and puppy bitch were Apollo's previous BP winners, Kimgarwyn Alco and Lasara Libra.  Puppy dog was won by the Gaydon's Sidewater Barney Rubble.


Roy Wilshaw of the Domaroy kennel took over the judging appointment from the now retired Pamela Cross-Stern.  He found his BOB in the well known, Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd winning his 11th CC and also BOB, then 3rd in the Terrier group.  Mr Wilshaw gave Rowan a reserve CC when he judged Crufts in 2002.  Reserve today was Rowan's son, Ch Krisma Jammydodger, his 2nd so far this year.  Topping the bitches and winning her 7th CC so far this year was Roz Dunne's Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams.  Reserve to her was 2002 CC winner, Patnor Sparkling Gem, owned by the Robinson family.  Best Puppy for the second show running was Lindenka Kerrygan. Puppy dog was won by her half brother, Kingarwyn Alco.  Minor puppy dog was the latest Ch Ashgate Sinclair son, Mealing's Reifrandies Tom Faggus, while puppy bitch went to a Jammydodger daughter, Hopecharm Who'z That Girl at Burneze.


Mrs V A Smith of the Faymar affix judged with CCs for the first time; her BOB being found in the bitches, Etteann Wild Heather, owned by Joyce Skelton, bred by Mrs A Henry.  She won her first CC at Midland Counties and is a 4th CC winner of the year for Pilgrim.  The dog CC was a first for the Dingley's Davot Chivalrous Chap, a son of double Top Westie, UK/German/American Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer and CC winner Palubriken Chime Of Freedom via Davot.  His elder sister is reserve CC winner, Davot Chy Anne.  Chap's daughter, Charosmack Cool Secret won her first reserve CC after being one of the most consistent class winners of the year.   Her litter brother is American Ch Charosmack Charizma.  Their dam is Terrier group winner, Ch Olton Aye Cloudy Day at Charosmack, the first Champion for Roz Dunne.  Reserve in dogs went to the South Wales BOB, Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd.

Best Puppy went to the minor bitch, Linda Minnett's Duskhunter Jessibell, by a Pilgrim son, Pryorvale Voyager and D Just Splendid.  Other puppy winners were Tom Faggus, Alco and Libra.


Winning his 12th CC at East of England was Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd.  At the same show in 2003 he gained his title.  In reserve position on that day and today was his son, Ch Krisma Jammydodger.  The last time the East of England judge, Bob Milner, officiated he gave the Best Puppy award to Krisma Cactus, her 4th, at LKA 2002.  At Peterborough, he awarded her a 4th CC, so a successful day for owner/breeder Dot Britten, her third CC winner this year.  Reserve went to Modwena Johnston's Glenveagh Jadella, her 2nd such award after a 1st at Border Union.  Best Puppy also went to the Border Union recipient, Kimgarwyn Alco, owned and bred by the Squires.  Other puppy wins went to Reifrandies Tom Faggus, the Corris' new girl Inverglen Enchanted and Jammydodger daughter, Hopecharm Who'z That Girl at Burneze.

Rowan with owner, Jennie Griffiths, later went 2nd in the Terrier group under an Australian judge after which he was retired from competition.


Leeds was suffering from changeable weather conditions after several years of hot weather.  Paul Wilkinson was judging and his dog CC made the 5th new Champion of 2004 in the Gaydon's Irish Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town.  He is the 7th Gilbri Champion, 2nd for his sire Pilgrim and the first for dam, Gilbri Dominique, a former Top Puppy and daughter of Sinclair.  The bitches were topped by another Pilgrim daughter, 16 month old Kimgarwyn Night Breeze from Post Graduate.  Owned and bred by the Squires, she is from a repeat mating of 2002 Top Puppy K Apollo, who sired the Best Puppy, Lindenka Kerrygan (her third BP this year).   Reserves went to Jammydodger and Jock Wilson and Anne Bailey's Gilbri Plaid Maid at Lymehills, handled by Tracie Gaydon.  She is by the last Gilbri Champion before Talk Of The Town, Sinclair son, Ch Gilbri New Edition.  

Other puppy winners included, Ann Wailings' Madrabawn Murphy's Law (by Ch Burneze Chatter Box); the Gaydon's Sidewater Barney Rubble and the Soar's Sonjay Paper Chase (by Ch Jillso Just For Me).


Mr T Johnston judged at Richmond, after last judging at SWKA in 2002.  He found his BOB in the bitch winner, Vallange Forget Me Not, owned and bred by Shane and Keith Harris.  She was winning her 2nd CC on the day.  Reserve went to the current Top Westie, Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams, her first reserve of the year.  

In dogs, the Crufts Best Puppy took his first CC after two reserves in recent shows.  Karamynd High As A Kite, owned and bred by Jennie Griffiths, by her Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd (his 3rd CC winner this year) ex Hopecharm Full Of Deelite at Karamynd.  Reserve was winning his 4th such award, Audrey Millen and Ben McGregor's Sarmac Merry Duke.

Best Puppy was Linda Minett's Duskhunter Jessibell, her second such award from Minor Puppy.  Other puppy winners were Reifrandies Tom Faggus, Dwilencia Love Affair and Thozow Bit Of Trouble.


The judge at Bournemouth was Mr Joe Edmondson of the Pepabby kennel.  He was awarding CCs for the first time.  Both main dog and bitch are former Terrier Group winners.  His BOB was winning his 8th CC and 5th of the year.  Dot Britten's Ch Krisma Jammydodger later went on to 4th in the Group.  The bitch winner took her 10th CC and 8th of the year and is currently top winner of the year, Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams, owned by Roz Dunne.  

Reserves went to the Crufts BOB, Tina Squire's Ch Bellevue Trigger Happy and the Dingley's Davot Chy Ann.  Chy Ann shares the same sire as Clear Dreams in UK/Int Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer.   Her younger brother, D Chivalrous Chap won his first CC at Paignton.

Best Puppy was a third such award for the Squire's Kimgarwyn Alco, making three youngsters so far this year with 3 BP awards.  The other puppy winners were Sinclair son, Reifrandies Tom Faggus; Jammydodger daughter, Duskhunter Rasamataze and Clanestar Cloud Dancer (by Ch Kristajen Casterspell).


The judge at WKC was Mrs Tracie Gaydon of the Gilbri kennel.  She last judged at Richmond 2002.  The dog awards were the same as Bournemouth but swapped around, with Trigger Happy taking his 4th CC and BOB, later going on to Group#3.  Dodgem took his 5th reserve of the year.  

Bitches meant a second CC for Julie Coley and her Kingsview Willo The Wisp only 21 months old.  She links to both the dog winners as she shares the same sire as Dodgem in Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd; and is a granddaughter of Trigger's sire, Ch Krisma Streetwise.  Dodgem is a grandson of his litter sister, Krisma Sloane Ranger.

Reserve in bitches was 2004 new Champion, Ashgate Saucher at Kristajen, owned by Jean Abbey.

The puppy classes were dominated once again by Kimgarwyn Apollo offspring, Kimgarwyn Del Boy and Lindenka Kerrygan taking the Minor classes and Kimgarwyn Alco taking Best Puppy, becoming the year's current Top Puppy.  As at Bournemouth Clanestar Cloud Dancer took the puppy bitch class.


Mrs Lottie Bonas of the Tasman kennel judged at the August SKC.  There have been 5 Tasman Champions, with the first two made up in 1972.  Together Ch T March Of Time and Ch T Adoration produced the first bitch Champion for the Ashgate kennel, Tasman Elation, behind all the Ashgates today.  March Of Time also sired one of the most influential sires of recent history, Ch Domaroy Saracen.

BOB at SKC went to Ch Burneze Proudly Presents, her 8th CC after being top bitch last year and then producing a litter.  She is the third from her litter to take a CC this year.

Dog CC was a 2nd for the Dingley's Davot Chivalrous Chap from the Limit Class.

Best Puppy was a 5th for Kimgarwyn Alco who also took a reserve CC.  His sire, Kimgaryn Apollo took the reserve CC at this show in 2003 (as did Proudly Presents).  

Reserve in bitches meant a third this year for Modwena Johnston's Glenveagh Jadella.

Other puppy winners were minor dog, Lindenka Moonbeam to Colvinston (by Ch Kimgarwyn Cagney); minor puppy bitch, Killynether Koko at Lorbri (her litter sister, Komiko was 2nd in the same class) and puppy bitch, Apollo daughter, Lindenka Kerrygan.


Mrs Jernhake from Sweden judged the breed for the second time with CCs.  She found her BOB in Sue Thomson's Ashgate Scot's Progress who, at 22 months old won his title on the day.  He becomes the 29th Ashgate Champion and the 2nd of the year, plus the 3rd for his sire, Pilgrim.

Reserve was Jennie Griffiths' Karamynd High As A Kite winning his second such award, the first won to Scot's Progress at Border Union.

The bitches were topped by daughters of Ch Krisma Streetwise, both winning their first major awards.  Lindenka Shannon is the 7th CC winner by Streetwise and is a former BP winner and younger sister of Ch Lindenka Brannigan, owned and bred by Marie Purchon.  The reserve went to the junior, Krisma Town Flirt, bred by Dot Britten and co-owned with Beryl Bourn of the Kelishjen affix.


Best Puppy went to the Squire's Kimgarwyn Del Boy, a 4th BP winner for Kimgarwyn Apollo this year and a 3rd for his dam, Ch Lasara Love Me Too, who has produced 5 winners in 3 litters, including 2003's Top Pup K Little Mo and Lasara Lookat Me, the dam of current Top Puppy, K Alco.  Del Boy later took 3rd in the Puppy Terrier Group.

Other puppy winners included Alco, Inverglen Enchanted (by Birkfell Sparkle of Inverglen) and Lynnsto Arruna (by Ashgate Leny)


Terrier specialist Jack Watson judged at Darlington and found his BOB in the dog, who won his 4th CC & BOB, Ch Ashgate Scot's Progress, owned and bred by Sue Thomson.  Reserve went to the well known winner, Ch Burneze Chatter Box, owned and bred by Marie and Ann Burns.  

The bitch CC meant a title for Bellevue Adorable.  She took her first CC at Birmingham in 2001, her second at Leeds 2003 and her third just before her 5th birthday.  She becomes the first Champion for owner. Julie Steemson (Bocans); her sire, CC winner Janchard Unforgeta-Bell and dam, Wesscots Fairytail.  Adorable is the 6th Champion from the Bellevue kennel of Tina Squire.  

Reserve was CC winner, Lamsmore Miss Brodie who shares the same sire as Scot's Progress in Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate.  She is owned and bred by Sandra Sizmore.

Best Puppy was another for the Squire's Kimgarwyn Alco.  Other puppy winners were Tom Faggus, Inverglen Enchanted and Alco's half sister, Lindenka Kerrygan (so grandchildren of Pilgrim).


Two shows on consecutive days means Belfast and the North of Ireland club show.  Belfast, on the Friday this year saw Sue Hawes of the famous Haweswalton kennel officiating.  The Haweswalton kennel produced 15 UK Champions including 5 Top Westies.  For the second show this year both CC winners were Burneze bred exhibits.  BOB went to Ch Chatter Box winning his 12th CC.  Best bitch was winning her first CC after Best Puppy awards in 2002.  Burneze Just Anny Lusion at Lorbri is owned by Brian and Lorraine Smith.  She is by Irish Ch Burneze Maxamillion ex the daughter of his litter sister, Ch Burneze Just Annie Lusion.  Chatter Box and Anny Lusion are linked by the sire of Maxamillion and Annie Lusion, the kennel's first Champion, Lakamoni Knight Imperial at Burneze, sire of Chatter Box's dam, Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze.  It was also a double celebration for the Lorbri kennel who won Best Puppy with their youngster, Killynether Koko at Lorbri.

Reserves went to the Corri's Inverglen Celtic Raider, one of the most consistent 1st prize winners this year, and Crockett's Charosmack Cracked Ice over Havasu who took her 1st CC at Belfast 2003 and is a daughter of the current Top Westie, Clear Dreams.


The next day was the Club show, with Doreen Lancaster of Clanestar awarding the prizes.  She found her BIS in the dog, Inverglen Celtic Raider, taking his first CC after a reserve on the Friday.  He becomes the 6th CC winner of the year for Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate who was BIS at this show in 2003.  He is owned and bred by the Corris from Inverglen Springtime, the litter sister of I Brigadier who sired the kennels 2004 reserve CC winner, Birkfell Sparkle of I.  Raider already sired a BP winner in 2004, Winoski Midsummer Magic at Flassendale.  Reserve to him and then RBIS was Jennie Griffiths and CC winner Karamynd High As a Kite, his third reserve this year.  The bitch CC went to his half sister, making her into a Champion.  Kingsview Willo The Wisp is not yet two and took all her CCs this year, the first bitch to do so in 2004.  Her owner and breeder, Julie Coley made up her last Champion, Kingsview Pie Eyed at the Club show in 2002.  Willo is the third Kingsview Champion and the second for her sire, Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd.  Her dam is Kingsview Sky High, a daughter of Ch Krisma Streetwise (sire of Cracked Ice) from the dam of Pie Eyed, CC winner K Tillymint, a daughter of the first Kingsview Champion, Sarmac First Impression.


Reserve topped a great weekend for Marie and Ann Burns with a first reserve for their Hopecharm Willshe Thrillem for B, bred by Shauna Fryer.  She is by the BP winning litter brother of Willie Makeit, H Willie Gofar, from Incheril Cinder-ella for Hopecharm, a litter sister of two reserve CC winners.

Continuing his impressive run of awards, Kimgarwyn Alco took his 7th Best Puppy award.  He is both a Pilgrim and Streetwise grandson, a combination of two stud dogs whose offspring have dominated the showring over the last few years.  The Squires also won this award last year with Kimgarwyn Little Mo, but also won the bitch reserve CC with Alco's granddam, Ch Lasara Love Me Too.


Angus Gordon (Tiellos) judged the breed and found his BIS in Ch Burneze Chatter Box winning his 13th CC and first club show top award.  Last time Mr Gordon judged he gave Chatter Box the reserve CC and BP at the North of Ireland Club show in 2001.  He also gave the bitch CC on that day to his dam, Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze.  Reserve in dogs was the previous week's NI BIS winner, Inverglen Celtic Raider.

Best bitch was a new one winning her first CC, Hopecharm Girl Hona Mission, owned and bred by Shauna Fryer.  She is the 4th CC winner this year by Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd from a Ch Ashgate Sinclair daughter.  

Reserve was also Best Puppy (and repeating her BP win from Belfast), Killynether Koko at Lorbri, owned by the Smiths and bred by Pat Molony, her sire is Whynncraege Navajo who also sired the BP at this show in 2003, Hot Nightcap.


This weekend saw the third club show in consecutive weeks.  The Southern Club celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and the current President, Adair Torbet (Newtonglen) was the elected judge.  Three of the main winners were all by the same dog, who Mr Torbet gave BOB to last time he judged in 2003, Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd (Rowan).  BIS was the dog, winning his 2nd CC, Karamynd High As A Kite, owned and bred by Jennie Griffiths.  Reserve to him was another Rowan son, Ch Krisma Jammydodger, receiving his 2nd reserve from Mr Torbet.  Best bitch, for the second show in a row was Hopecharm Girl Hona Mission.  She and High As A Kite are both from Ch Ashgate Sinclair daughters and the reserve bitch was by Sinclair, Earlsdale Scarlet Ribbons (owned and bred by Cherry Jones).  Rowan himself is a great grandson of the most successful stud dog of all time.  Best Puppy was again, Kimgarwyn Alco.  He won his 8th Best Puppy which seals his position as Top Puppy for the year.  It is also the 20th Best Puppy won by the Kimgarwyn kennel in the last three years and the third year on the trot they have took the Top Puppy award.  Winners include Alco's sire and dam, K Apollo and Lasara Lookat Me, K Little Mo and K Del Boy.