Minor Puppy (4 entered, 3 present)

1st Wilson's Lindenka Moonbeam to Colvinston

2nd Squire's Kimgarwyn Del Boy

3rd Burns' Burneze Talk O The Devil


Puppy (2, 2)

1st Squire's Kimgarwyn Alco BP&RCC

2nd Mackman's Grandmac Paracheck


Special Yearling (1,1)

1st Robinson's Patnor Valentine


Post Graduate (3,2)

1st Simmons' Hot Nightcap

2nd Carmichael's Alchez Action Man


Limit (5,2)

1st  Dingley's Davot Chivalrous Chap CC

2nd Skelton's Etteann Lord Of The Glen


Open (2,2)

1st  Smith's Benary Special Consort

2nd  Millen & McGregor's Sarmac Merry Duke

Minor Puppy (5,5)

1st Smith's Killynether Koko at Lorbri

2nd Molony's Killynether Kimoko

3rd Burns' Burneze Proud To Present

4th West's Tomlyndon Fulla Fun

5th Mackman's Grandmac Never Ending Flame


Puppy (5,3)

1st Purchon's Lindenka Kerrygan

2nd Clarke's Lynnsto Arruna

3rd Dingley's Davot Chill Out


Junior (6,6)

1st Strand's Westlake Wild Pearl

2nd Jenkinson's Highcross Cascade

3rd Wyllie's Barbarella Shooting Star

4th Thomson & Forbes' Rohumann Highland Fling

5th Pearson's Winoski Midsummer Magic


Special Yearling (3,3)

1st  Clarke's Lynnsto Soloist

2nd  Tullis' Killynether Kontessa ar Drumsheugh

3rd Barbarella Shooting Star


Post Graduate (7,7)

1st Burns' Hopecharm Willshe Thrillem for Burneze

2nd Clarke's Lynnsto Late Night Special

3rd Millen & McGregor's Birbrinda Morning Star by Sarmac

4th Reidie's Hopecharm Stairway To Heav'n at Asheridgelee

5th Garside's Silva Secret Lady


Limit (10,7)

1st Squire's Kimgarwyn Night Breeze

2nd Dingley's Davot Chy Anne

3rd Smith's Burneze Just Anny Lusion at Lorbri

4th Skelton's Avianco Vanilla Sky

5th Wynncraege Bewitched


Open (8,7)

1st Burns' Ch Burneze Proudly Presents CC & BOB

2nd Johnston's Glenveagh Jadella RCC

3rd Wilson & Bailey's Gilbri Plaid Maid at Lynehills

4th Purchon's Lindenka Shannon

5th Skelton's Etteann Wild Heather