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Champion Killynether Kimiko

1st CC - Birmingham National

2nd CC & BOB - Scottish Kennel Club (May)

3rd CC - Southern Counties

4th CC & BOB - Border Union

Reserve CC - South Wales K A

5th CC & BOB - Scottish Kennel Club (August)

Reserve CC - Midland Counties

Judy took her title in just three entered shows,

becoming the 4th Killynether Champion, all homebred.

Her sire, Whynncraege Navajo, is the son of the last two Haweswalton Champions, Ch H Apache and Ch W Sea Urchin.  Her dam, Keepsake, descends from Apache too and also the kennel's foundation bitch, Haweswalton Icemaiden at Killynether.

owned and bred

by Pat Molony

Judy as a puppy

Judy winning Best Puppy

at Manchester 2005