Look at his pedigree

Champion Krisma Jammydodger

CC & BOB - Manchester

CC - National Terrier

Reserve CC - Birmingham

CC & BOB - Bath

CC - Three Counties

Reserve CC - South Wales K A

Reserve CC - East of England

Reserve CC - Leeds

CC, BOB & Group#4 - Bournemouth

Reserve CC - Welsh K C

Reserve CC - Southern WHWT Club

Jammydodger continued his winning ways in 2004 taking his CC tally to eight and his 4th placing in the Terrier Group (he already has two #1 and a Reserve BIS), as well as a total of 14 reserves.  He is just over 2 and a half years old and won a CC at his first show out of puppy.  Jammydodger is owned and bred by Dot Britten who had two other CC winners and one with a reserve this year.