Minor Puppy (1 entered, 1 present)

1st  Mealing's Reifrandies Tom Faggus


Puppy (3,2)

1st Bartlett's Dwilencia Love Affair

2nd Barton's Ryebeck Polar Star


Junior (5,3)

1st Minett's Duskhunter Millionheir

2nd Fielding's Jillso Justice

3rd Wilshaw's Domaroy Stands To Reason


Post Graduate (11,7)

1st Bellevue Just F'fun

2nd Macbean's Pryorvale Twice As Nice

3rd Legg's Westfire Mister Tom

4th Robinson's Patnor Valentine

5th Sweetzer's Ambasali Fancy Free


Limit (6,3)

1st Magri's Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie

2nd Dingley's Davot Chivalrous Chap

3rd Summerton's Tidarigit Acerone


Open (7,4)

1st Griffiths' Karamynd High As A Kite CC

2nd Millen&McGregor's Sarmac Merry Duke   Reserve CC

3rd Smith's Benary Special Consort

4th Gallop's Maedhlyn Cruachain

Minor Puppy (1 entered, 1 present)

1st Minnett's Duskhunter Jessibell


Puppy (5,4)

1st Foster's Thozow Bit Of Trouble

2nd Clarke's Lynnsto Arruna

3rd Bryant's Camame Echo Of Another Time

4th Broadhead's Rusthead Jasmine Foxy Lady


Junior (10,8)

1st Minnett's Duskhunter Million T One

2nd  Gallop's Maedhlyn Chantilly Lace

3rd Buswell's Kyntilly Just In Case

4th Staff's Abadair A Touch Of Magic

5th Soar's Bellevue Mystic Meg


Post Graduate (15,11)

1st Clarke's Lynnsto Soloist

2nd Dunne's Charosmack Cool Secret

3rd Pritchard's Elmeon Evie at Montefiore

4th Macbean's Pryorvale Travellers Quest

5th Filmore's Karagem Sloane Ranger


Limit (12,8)

1st Foster's Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow

2nd Wailing's Madrabawn Tara Princess

3rd Clarke's Lynnsto Late Night Special

4th Smith's Benary Spinelle

5th Dingley's Davot Chy Anne


Open (7,6)

1st Harris's Vallange Forget Me Not  CC & BOB

2nd Dunne's Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams  Reserve CC

3rd Steemson's Bellevue Adorable

4th Sizmore's Lamsmore Miss Brodie

5th Robinson's Patnor Sparkling Gem