Review of 2000

Congratulations to the main winners who are listed below.  35 CC winners, 10 new Champions and 18 Best Puppy winners are the main statistics.

Top Westie 2000 (winner of the Macconachie Trophy on CC wins): Champion Charosmack Clog Dancer with 5CCs, 4BOB and 2 Reserve CCs.

Top opposite sex 2000: Champion Vallange Moonlight (as in 1999) with 4CCs, 4BOB, 3 Reserve CCs and 1 Terrier Group.

In the Dog World/Pedigree Top Dogs table, the WHWT winner was Champion Karamynd Kasey Jones at Earlsdale, with 4CCs, 3BOB, 4 Reserve CCs, Terrier#3 and a Terrier#1, with Moonlight just one point behind.

Top Puppy was Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd with 5 Best Puppy awards.  Gwyndav Mexican Mover qualified for the Pup of the Year finals at National Terrier.

Top breeders were Mr K & Mrs S Harris (Vallange) who won CCs with Ch V Sailor Jack (1CC), Ch V Moonlight (4CCs), Ch V Blue Moon (1CC), V Sugar And Spice (2CCs) and V Lord Of Love (1CC).

Top Stud Dog (DW): Champion Krisma City Slicker whose CC winning offspring are: Debeaux Jiggery Pokery, Barwest Bee-Having, Kelishjen Kazia and Chatterdale Country Manor.

Top Brood Bitch (DW): Ashgate Skerry (litter sister of Ch Sinclair) whose daughters, Ch Ashgate Staffa at Rosquin and Ch Ashgate Spey gained titles this year.

Top Sire (OD): Champion Krisma Streetwise (half brother of City Slicker) sired 4 Best Puppy winners in 2000, Lindenka Brydeen, Lindenka Brannigan, Kilowna Kentucky Shimmy and Lindenka Brady.

Hopecharm Willie Makeit

        for Karamynd

     TOP PUPPY 2000