Champion Barwest Bee-Having


by UK/Nordic Ch Krisma City Slicker

ex Barwest Bee-Tween Friends

owner/breeder: Mrs P Barrell

Reserve CC - Crufts



Ashgate St Andrew


by Ch Ashgate Sinclair

ex Ch Ashgate Sassy

owner: Miss H Bennett

breeder: Mrs S Thomson

Reserve CC - Scottish Breeds



Champion Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie


by Newtonglen Karamynd Kasanova

ex Kingsview Skylark

owner: Mr J A Magri

breeder: Mrs M Torbet

Reserve CC - WHWTC of England



Tasman Time Marches On


by Ch Barwest Bee-Having

ex Tasman Miss Hopefull

owner/breeder: Mrs C K Bonas

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (May)



Sarmac Merry Duke


by Ch Sarmac Merry Monarch

ex Sarmac Just Wait And See

owners: Mrs A Millen & Master B McGregor

breeder: Mrs E A A Millen

Reserve CC - Windsor

Reserve CC - Darlington

Reserve CC - Driffield



Kimgarwyn Apollo


by UK/Irish/World Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (import)

ex Kimgarwyn Lucky Charm

owner/breeder: Mr B & Mrs M Squire

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (August)



Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie


by Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie

ex Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia

owner: Mr J A Magri

breeder: Mr & Mrs Bartlett

Reserve CC -  L K A

Ragus Winter Morning at Krisma


by Ch Lindenka Brannigan

ex Krisma Artemis

owner: Mrs D Britten

breeder: Mrs L Crawley

Reserve CC - Crufts



Bellevue Maid for Jillso


by Ch Krisma Streetwise

ex Bellevue Striking Diamonds

owner: Mrs A Mellor

breeder: Mrs T Squire

Reserve CC - WELKS



Royalcartier Miss Elegance at Lesanthas


by UK/Irish/World Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (import)

ex Royalcartier Elegance

owner: Mrs L Dent

breeder: Mr J Smith

Reserve CC - Birmingham National



Incheril Firedancer


by Hopecharm Full Of Fire

ex Incheril Juanita

owner: Mr D R Berry

breeder: Mr C W Berry

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (May)



Glenveagh Jolene at Lorbri


by Ch Juadsa Wired For Sound

ex Glenveagh Jezabel

owners: Mr B & Mrs L Smith

breeder: Mrs M F Johnston

Reserve CC - Border Union



Benary Spinelle


by Ch Benary Specious

ex Ch Benary Special Connection

owner/breeder: Mrs H P Smith

Reserve CC - Paignton



Glenevitt Dream On


by Benary Spot On

ex Glenevitt Sweet Dreams

owner/breeder: Mr M & Mrs D Andrews

Reserve CC - South Wales K A



Lindenka Lana to Elmeon


by Ch Kimgarwyn Cagney

ex Lindenka Zippitydoodah

owner: Mrs S A Willoughby

breeder: Mrs M Purchon

Reserve CC - East of England



Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow


by Irish/UK Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man

ex Havasu Honesty

owners: Mrs L M & Miss N Foster

breeders: Mr K & Mrs P E Crockett

Reserve CC - Leeds

Reserve CC - Southern WHWT Club



Earlsdale Scarlet Ribbons


by Ch Ashgate Sinclair

ex Rotella Incognito at Earlsdale

owner/breeder: Mrs C Jones

Reserce CC - City of Birmingham



Incheril Sheraz


by Incheril Firecracker

ex Incheril Genever

owner/breeder: Mr C W Berry

Reserve CC - Darlington



Incheril Ariadne among Karensbrae


by Incheril Rodin

ex Incheril Pinwinnie Royale

owner: Mrs D Thomson

breeder: Mr C W Berry

Reserve CC - WHWT Club



Vallange Forget Me Not


by Canadian Ch Kilowna Kentucky Hero by Vallange

ex Ch Vallange Spirit Of Love

owner/breeder: Mr K & Mrs S Harris

Reserve CC - L K A