Photos of CC winners 2006

1st row:

Squire's (new)Ch Kimgarwyn Alco

(photo by Llovall Design)

Thomson's Ashgate Maybole

(photo by Jim Smith)

Crockett's (new)UK/Russian/Irish

Ch Markstown Mr Havasu

(photo by Pat Molony)

2nd row

Griffiths' (new)Ch Karamynd Paws

For Applause

Griffiths' Ch Karamynd High As

A Kite

(new)Ch Burneze Just Anny

Lusion at Lorbri

(photos from Llovall Design)

3rd row

Jennings' Ch Comdale Action Man

Sizmore's Lamsmore Neave

(photo by Llovall Design)

Wilson & Bailey's Lymehills


(photo by Llovall Design)

4th row

Edmondson's Pepabby Priceless

Lancaster's Clanestar Careless


(photos from Llovall Design)

Molony's (new) Ch Killynether

Kimoko (photo by Pat Molony)

5th row

Thomson's UK/Int Ch Ashgate

Scot's Progress

(photo by Higham Press)

Dunne's Charosmack Cause To Wonder (photo by Llovall Design)

Magri's (new)Ch Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie (photo by Llovall Design)

6th row

Crockett's Havasu Hoi Poloi

Britten's Ch Krisma Streetwise

Purchon's Lindenka Kerrygan

(photos by Llovall Design)


7th row

Davis's (new)Ch Ashgate Amaryllis

(photo by Llovall Design)

Thomson's UK/Int Ch Ariostea

Pilgrim to Ashgate

(photo by Higham Press)

Minett's Duskhunter Millionheir

(photo by Llovall Design)

8th row

Griffiths's Karamynd Play To The


(photo by Derek Griffiths)

Clarke's Lynnsto Pellam

Mellor's Bellevue Caught In The

Act at Jillso

9th row

  Lancaster's (new)Ch Clanestar Cloud Dancer

Foster's Ch Havasu Hidden

Treasure at Thozow

Purchon's Lindenka Delta

(last 5 photos by Llovall Design)



10th row

Dingley's Davot Chase The Lady

(photo by John Smith)

Berry's Incheril Aflame

Fox's Hillsted Step By Step

(photos by Llovall Design)


11th row

Kabel's Krisma Roll The Dice for


Griffiths's Karamynd Lilac Wine

Skelton's Kyntilly Arum Lily

(photos by Llovall Design)