Photos of Best Puppy winners 2006

1st row:

Dunne's Charosmack Cause A Storm

Dunne's Charosmack Cause To Wonder

Purchon's Lindenka Summer Pudding

2nd row:

Corri's Inverglen Sula

Cleland's Birkfell Second Chance

(All photos courtesy of Llovall Design)

Dingley's Davot Chance Encounter

(photo courtesy of D.Dingley)

3rd row:

Clarke's Lynnsto Arrian

(photo by Kevin Hughes)

Griffiths's Karamynd Lilac Wine

Lilley & Milling's Lilmill What's It

All About

(photos courtesy of Llovall Design)


4th row:

Purchon's Lindenka Delta

Squire's Kimgarwyn Pebble

(photos courtesy of Llovall Design)

Carlin & Gillot's Lynnsto Code Name Cora at Lizandycris

5th row:

West's Tomlyndon Look Of Love

Gaydon's Wistonant Royal Ruby

at Gilbri

Clarke's Lamsmore Leckbuie at



6th row:

Steemson's Bocans Skies The


Abbey's Kristajen Know It All

Abbey's Kristajen Knows What's


7th row:

Squire's Kimgarwyn Handyman

(photos courtesy of Llovall Design)