Champion Comdale Charlie


Champion Brychdyn Carrie

On Swifdon

Champion Tomlyndon Eager


11 New Champions

5 dogs, 6 bitches

New Champions 2014

made up at National Terrier

owned by Brenda Metcalfe (1st UK Ch)

bred by Elizabeth Gray (1st UK Ch)

by Ch Inverglen Banjo (1st UK Ch)

ex Inverglen Misty at Flassendale (1st UK Ch)

Champion Flassendale


made up at Bath

owned & bred by Jane Kabel (13th UK Ch)

   & Ida Bouwhuis (1st UK Ch)

by Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr (3rd UK Ch)

ex Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall (1st UK Ch)

Champion Llovall A King Of


Champion Maxula Name Of

The Game

made up at Three Counties

owned & bred by Mr & Mrs Noyce (1st UK Ch)

by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game (6th UK Ch)

ex Barwest Bright New Pin at Maxula (1st UK Ch)

Champion Ashgate U S


made up at Border Union

owned by Sue Thomson (36th UK Ch)

bred by Lisa Pacheco (1st UK Ch)

by Int/UK Ch Ashgate Aros (2nd UK Ch)

ex Ashgate U S It's All About Me Me (1st UK Ch)

Champion Bocans

Hot Stuff

made up at City of Birmingham

owned and bred by Julie Steemson (2nd UK Ch)

by Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit (3rd UK Ch)

ex Bocans Black Pearl (1st UK Ch)

Champion Pentangle Hello


made up at Darlington

owned and bred by Heather and Andrew Bell (1st UK Ch)

by The Dashing Devil's Street Fighter (2nd UK Ch)

ex Pentangle Penny Lane (1st UK Ch)

made up at Belfast

owned and bred by Ian, Fred and Thomas West (4th UK Ch)

by French/Int Ch Fils-De-Pub du Moulin de Macgregor (1st UK Ch)

ex Tomlyndon Maid For The Stage (1st UK Ch)

made up at North of Ireland WHWT Club

owned by Vesa Lehtonen & Tiina Hotanen (1st UK Ch)

bred by Vesa Lehtonen (1st UK Ch)

by Int Ch Alborada Heraldo (1st UK Ch)

ex Who's Divine Breath (1st UK Ch)

Champion Comdale


made up at WHWT Club

owned and bred by Joe and Pat Edmondson (10th UK Ch)

by Lorbri Sweet Talkin' Guy (1st UK Ch)

ex Ch Pepabby Priceless (2nd UK Ch)

made up at South Wales K A

owned by Christine Morton (1st UK Ch)

bred by Ian and Elaine Hughes (2nd UK Ch)

by Irish Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon (1st UK Ch)

ex Brychdyn Remarque (1st UK Ch)

made up at L K A

owned and bred by Steve and Denise Jennings (6th UK Ch)

by Ch Walk The Line vom Deipen Brook to Krisma (2nd UK Ch)

ex Comdale Talk The Talk (3rd UK Ch)

Flassendale Fairlie Crufts 2014 A King Of Hearts WELKS 14 cropped Maxula Name Of The Game cropped

Int/UK Champion Who's Hot

And Who's Cold

Ashgate U S Apollo BocansHotStuff Pentangle Hello Oscar cropped Who's Hot And Who's Cold 1 cropped PepabbyPirouette Comdale Charlie Girl

Champion Pepabby


Brychdyn Carrie On Swifdon cropped Tomlyndon Eager Ernest cropped