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ow/br: Mrs J A Griffiths

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"Hattie" took her title at Scottish Breeds, after

CCs at Welsh KC and WHWT Club in 2006.  She

becomes the 6th Champion for her kennel and her sire, Ch

Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd.  She also joins

two littermates as UK Champions, becoming only the third

post war litter to contain 3 UK title holders.  All are owned,

bred and handled by Jennie Griffiths.  Brother, High As A Kite

has 2 Club show BIS awards, while sister, Paws For Applause

has 2CCs from Crufts and a Club BIS.  Hattie went one further

than her littermates, taking BOB and then BIS at Scottish

Breeds, following in the footsteps of sire, Rowan who took BIS

at National Terrier in 2003. Her first litter produced Crufts

Best Puppy, K Play The Game, by Ch Bournehaven Birthday

Guy who sired the last triple Champion litter for the Burneze

kennel. One of these, Chatter Box was also BIS at Scottish

Breeds in 2004.

Photo by D Griffiths

"Spike" took his 3rd CC & BOB at the National

Terrier after BOB at City of Birmingham and BIS at

the Southern Club in 2006.  He becomes the 2nd UK

Champion for Alison Mellor and is a grandson of the

1st, Ch Jillso Just For Me, BIS at the Southern Club in

1998.  For the Bellevue kennel of Tina Squire, he becomes

the 7th Champion and descends from three, Ch Ashgate

Bern Era (sire of Just For Me) and his son, Terrier group

winner, double Crufts BOB and Top Westie 1998, Ch

Bournehaven Birthday Guy along with his maternal

grandsire, Ch Mac Hars of Bellevue.  Spike is linebred to

the mating of Ch Krisma Streetwise and a daughter of

Birthday Guy, with two bitches appearing in the pedigree,

dam, Bellevue Fire Dancer and granddam, former BP

winner Bellevue She's The One through her son, Bellevue

Just F'fun.




ow/br: Mrs M Purchon




ow: Mrs A Mellor

br: Mrs T Squire

"Kerry" won her first CC at Windsor last year

and further CCs in 2007 at Manchester and the "of

England", becoming the 6th UK Champion for her

owner & breeder, Marie Purchon.  She is by Kimgarwyn

Apollo (his 2nd UK Champion) ex CC winner, L Shannon,

a younger sister of the kennel's last Champion, Brannigan.

Kerrygan made her debut in 2004 winning 4 BP awards.

Her first litter to Brannigan produced Lindenka Delta,

winner of 2CCs before his first birthday.  Kerry's bitch

line leads to the kennel's first Champions, mother and

daughter, Ch Lasara Lindi at L and Ch L Prim'n'Proper.

Prim'N'Proper produced two UK Champions, Quigley

(another puppy CC winner) and Little Poppet at Crestalen.

Kerry is linebred to two successful stud dogs, Ch Ashgate

Sinclair (the record holder for UK Champions) and RCC

winner, Lasara Look Sharpe, sire of 5 UK Champions.




ow/br: Mr & Mrs J M


Pepabby Priceless becomes the 8th UK Champion for

Pat and Joe Edmondson and Julie Farmer.  "Roxie" is a 5th

generation of Champion bitches, leading from dam, Ch Precious,

to Ch Personality, to Ch Pavlova then to the first bitch Champion

Petite.  Also appearing in the pedigree are the kennel's first title

holder, Poacher and another Petite daughter, Ch Poppet. Priceless

becomes the first Champion for both parents.  Her sire is Ch Krisma

Jammydodger, a Group and RBIS winner who took 3CCs from

junior.  Priceless made her debut in 2005 winning several BP

awards.  She then won her first CC and BIS from junior at the

WHWT Club of England Centenary show in 2006 and her second

this year at National Terrier.  Jammydodger and Precious are

distantly linked by Olac Moonmaverick, sire of Crufts BIS Ch Olac

Moon Pilot and Poppet and Personality's sire, Pepabby Posh, a son

of Poacher's CC winning sister, Promise.  The Pepabby line lies in

Maybole won her first CC as a junior at the first show

of 2006.  She took her 2nd at Paignton with her grandsire

and the first double CC for her owner.  The 3rd came at the

May SKC and so she becomes the 29th homebred Champion

for the Ashgate kennel, now #3 in the UK after Wolvey and

Famecheck.  5 more have been bred by others.  Maybole is

owned and bred by Sue Thomson from two homebreds, the multi-

titled Ch A Scot's Progress and the JW  winning, A Mary.  She

is Scot's 2nd UK Champion and is linebred to littermates,

Sinclair and Skerry.  Mary was one of Sinclair's last daughters

and from a Skerry daughter, Ch A Spey. Scot is by the similarly

multi-titled Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (a grandson of Skerry

through his dam Ch A Sonsie but also a great great grandson of

Sinclair) ex a bitch by Ch A Ivanhoe (a Sinclair grandson) from

UK/Irish Ch Kyntilly Highland Wisdom at A, the sole Sinclair

Champion daughter at Ashgate.

"Delta" won his 3rd CC at Bath with BOB, after the

rare feat of winning 2CCs as a puppy in 2006, ending

the year as one of the Top Puppies all breeds.  Not yet

18 months, Delta becomes the 7th Champion for his breeder

Marie Purchon and the 2nd in 2007 after his dam, Kerrygan

was made up at the of England show.  Delta comes from

Kerry's first litter and is also the first UK Champion for his

sire, Ch L Brannigan.  Brannigan is Kerry's uncle as she is

from his CC winning younger sister, Shannon so Delta is

linebred to the mating of Ch Krisma Streetwise and Lindenka

Zippitydoodah.  For a short time the Lindenka kennel housed

6 UK Champions (the 7th, Little Poppet was owned by Audrey

Allen) until the sad passing of the bitch behind them all, Ch

Lasara Lindi at Lindenka.  She was dam of the first Lindenka

Champion, L Prim'n Proper, then was made up herself.  The

rest of the Lindenkas descend from her.

Hoi Poloi took her 1st and 2nd CCs in 2006 at the

special Centenary show and Belfast, where she also took

Group#2.  She is owned and bred by Ken and Pamela Crockett,

becoming the 6th UK Champion for the Havasu kennel (4 within

the last two years), and a first for sire and dam.  She is by German

Ch Brait Nouz Grasshopper ex Irish/UK/Danish Ch Havasu

Humber Lady.  The two are distantly linked by Ashgate breeding.

Two of Grasshopper's great grandfathers are UK bred, Danish Ch

Prince William of Clantartan and German Ch Trewen Tartan

Ranger.  The litter also contained 3 other Champions, Am Ch H

Reeks Havoc at Charosmack, Can/Am Ch H Hobgoblin and recently

crowned Irish Ch H Pocus Hocus. Humber Lady is already the

granddam of a UK Champion, the Foster's H Hidden Treasure at

Thozow. Humber Lady's dam, H Impatiens won a CC and is a

granddaughter of Ir Ch Glenveagh Melrose Morag, dam of the first

two Glenveagh Champions, Giselle and Tamara.  Giselle was the

                        A previous SB BIS winner was Ch Glenveagh

Gabriella who is the dam of 3 Glenveagh Champion littermates.

Hattie is linebred to a mating of Ch Ashgate Sinclair and

Hopecharm Full Of Promise, that produced two UK CC winners.




ow/br: Mr J Wilson

& Mrs A Bailey

After two CCs at Club shows in 2006, Lymehills Drambuie took

his 3rd CC at Birmingham National. He is owned and bred by Jock

Wilson and his daughter, Anne Bailey.  "Bruce" becomes the very first

homebred UK Champion for the kennel although Jock handled several

Westies to titles in the 60s and owned Lindenhalls Donna and Discord and

Ch Macnab of Balmaha. Bruce's sire, Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for

Karamynd has now sired 7 Champions in the UK.  While dam, Gilbri

Maggie Ellen of L  has produced several winners abroad including Am Ch

Lymehills Famous Grouse.  The pair are distantly linked by UK/Spanish Ch

Ashgate Sheigra through her son, Ch Ashgate Leckie and daughter, Ashgate

Braw Bricht Lass and also through Leckie's sire, Ch UK/Swedish Ch

Ashgate Achnasheen.  Bruce made his debut in late 2004, taking Best

Puppy at Crufts the next year.  His first CC came at the Centenary show of

the England club and second, with

                                                    BIS, from the WHWT Club last year.  

A daughter, Lymehills Chardonnay took a Reserve CC from junior last year

while two offspring have won two titles, American Ch Lymehills Icon at

Birch Bark and American Ch Lymehills Gem of Birch Bank.

the Highstile breeding of the Bertrams but combining influential

sires like Ch Haweswalton Houdini and Ch Kristajen Charterman

and their own dogs, Poacher, Posh and Paramount.




ow/br: Mrs S Thomson




ow/br: Mrs M Purchon



ow: Mrs S Birberg (Sweden)

br: Mrs R O'Connor (France)

"Rocco" made his UK debut at Crufts this year and took the

CC, BOB and was pulled out in the group final.  He had travelled

from Sweden with his owner, Suzanne Birberg of the Match kennel

but was bred in France by Ruth O'Connor.  He became the first overseas

Westie to win BOB at Crufts.  Later in the year he returned to the UK

and took 2CCs in 2 shows, both BOB and with group places, handled by

Geoff Corish (he has handled over 30 UK Westie Champions).  Rocco is

only the 4th overseas dog to gain a title in the UK.  Geoff handled the 2nd,

Tweed Tartan Caledonier in the 70s and Rocco is a descendant.  The

Moulin de Macgregor kennel of Ruth O'Connor is successful across Europe

in Westies and Scotties (Rocco is not the 1st Crufts CC winner bred there)

She incorporated UK lines from the Wesscots kennel of Maureen Emmins.  

 Rocco is linebred to two, French Ch W Gladiator and W Over The Moon.  

The Wesscots proved influential for the short time it operated with 4 UK

Champions bred there and Wesscots dogs behind Krisma and Bellevue

Champions.  Rocco himself went to Sweden at 12 months old.  He is an

International and Nordic Champion, winning 21CCs in Sweden before his

2nd birthday.  He was Top Swedish Westie in 2004 and has sired nine

Champions so far.  Suzanne's Match kennel has produced 13 Champions

despite breeding on a small scale.





Mr K & Mrs P E Crockett

granddam of the first Havasu Champion, Glenveagh Natasha at H.




ow/br: Mrs R Dunne

"Darcy" became the 7th UK Champion for Roz Dunne

after winning her 3rd CC at Welsh Kennel Club, after two

CCs in 2006.  She and her litter brother, Cause A Storm

made their debuts in 2005 and took Best Puppy awards,

Darcy's at Crufts.  Cause A Storm won a Reserve CC before

going to Australia and winning his title there quickly.  Darcy

becomes the 8th UK Champion for her sire, Ch Hopecharm

Willie Makeit for Karamynd and 2nd for her dam, Ch C Clear

Dreams.  Both parents are Group winners and former Top

Westies.  Willie Makeit was BIS at 2002's National Terrier

and Top Westie in 2003.  Clear Dreams won the Group at the

May Scottish Kennel Club in 2004 and was Top Westie in the

same year.  The litter also contained a Canadian Champion and

an American Champion. Winning Best Puppy awards in 2007

was new boy Charosmack Cool Spook, a son of Cause A Storm

from another Charosmack group winner, Ch C Cool Secret.




ow/br: Mrs T Squire




ow/br: Mr D Berry




ow/br: Mrs L Minnett

"Spirit" made quite an impact in his first show year.  

He took 8 Best Puppy awards, including the Puppy Terrier

Group and overall Best Puppy in Show at Three Counties and

#3 Terrier Puppy at South Wales, making him Top Puppy.  

After turning one year he took 3CCs at his next three shows,

Bournemouth, City of Birmingham (BOB & Group#3) and

Richmond (BOB).  He becomes the 8th UK Champion for Tina

Squire's kennel and descends from all 5 owned by her.  He

becomes the first Champion for Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit

 who lives in the Netherlands at the Dashing Devils kennel but

returned to Bellevue, siring 6 Best Puppy winners in 2007, one

Champion and another with a Reserve CC.  Spirit Catcher's dam,

Holly Munday descends from all 5 previous Bellevue Champions

but links closest to Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy, sire of

Careless Spirit and 4 UK Champions plus two 2007 Reserve CC


Aflame took her first CC last year at Driffield, then

her 2nd at Bath and 3rd at Richmond making her the 8th

Incheril Champion, the first since I And You're Mine in 1991

and the first owned by Douglas Berry, the son of Ela and Charlie

Berry.  Mr Berry sadly passed away in 2007 and owned all the

previous Champions, everyone homebred.  Aflame also becomes the

first Champion for sire and dam.  Her sire is Hopecharm Willie

Gofar, the BP winning littermate of Ch H Willie Makeit for K.

Willie Gofar also sired another 2007 CC winner and Res CC winner.  

He is a grandson of CC winner, H Full Of Fire who sired Aflame's

dam, I Firedancer, a RCC winner.  Her litter brother Firecracker,

(also a RCC winner) sired RCC winners and another litter sister

produced a RCC winner to Willie Gofar. Aflame descends from And

You're Mine's dam, I Aida who in turn descends from the Incherils

first Champion, Amarylis, made up in 1966.  Meaning the kennel

has made up Champions in every one of the last 5 decades.

Arry becomes the first Westie Champion for Linda

Minnett's Duskhunter kennel, though not the first UK

Champion as she made up an Irish Setter, Sh Ch Tamarisk

Tarragon of Duskhunter in the 1980s.  Arry won CCs at the

August SKC in 2005, Leeds in 2006 and Driffield 2007, plus 2

Reserves along the way.  His litter sister, Million'T'One has 3

RCCs including one at Crufts.  They are by Irish Ch Burneze

Maxamillion, the litter brother of UK Champion Burneze Just

Annie Lusion.  He has now sired two UK Champions.  Arry's dam

is Duskhunter Charlies Angel, a daughter of CC winner, Bellevue

Sundance at D from a daughter of two other key bought in dogs,

Furzeleigh Star Quality at D and Aronstan Anna of D. The kennel

had a successful year with three puppies who all won BP awards,

Team Spirit, Winter Special and Devoneyre.  Spirit & Devoneyre

are grandchildren of another daughter of Charlies Angel, while

Winter Special is a son of Sundance from a granddaughter of

Anna. An earlier litter produced Australian/NZ Ch Duskhunter

X Factor of Whitebriar.





The kennel had a successful year with three puppies who all won

BP awards, Team Spirit, Winter Special and Devon Eyre.

Delta's pedigree




ow/br: Mrs M Purchon

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