Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka ex Rotella Luvyootoo Hopecharm

owner: Mr & Mrs Griffiths

breeder: Mrs S Fryer

BIS - NATIONAL TERRIER 2003 Centenary show


Sire of the Reserve Best Puppy in show


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A first time Championship show judging appointment for Mags Evans of Ogdeva saw 148 entries from 137 dogs.  Both the BOB and BP did the breed proud taking BIS and Reserve BPIS respectively.

Dog CC & BOB was a second for Jenny Griffiths and her 3 year old Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd, the top puppy of 2000.  They later took BIS under Liz Cartledge, while Rowan's son, Dot Britten's Krisma Jammydodger took Reserve BPIS after taking his second BP of the year.  Another dual CC winner, Vallange Warlord took the dog reserve CC. He sired the Best Bitch Puppy, Gill Chudley's Chryzara Queen Of The Night.

The bitches were topped by the Harris' Wistonant Cassie by Vallange, her first CC.  She is from a later litter that produced 2002 Champion W White Lily by V, bred by Wogan.  Cassie's sire Ch Vallange Lord Of Love recently took his American title.  As in dogs reserve went to the 2nd in Open, Pat Barrell's Barwest Bedtime Story, after her CC win a week previously at Scottish Breeds.

The last National Terrier BIS winner was Ch Ballacoar Jinny is Justrite in 1986, but Rowan's grandsire, Ch Glenoostie Magician of Rotella was RBIS in 1993.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners


Dog classes

Minor Puppy (5 entered, 2 absent)

1. Inverglen Ringmaster (Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Inverglen Katrina)

2. Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of R ex Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia)

3. Underholt Flasher (Jopeta Flash Harry ex Emanhay Midnight Caller at Underholt)


Puppy (4)

1.Krisma Jammydodger (HopecharmWillie Makeit for Karamynd ex Krisma Telling Tales)

2. Underholt Flasher

3. Gelmoore Spin Doctor (Makin Whoopee at Gelmoore ex Ryebeck Starlight Express at G)


Junior (7,1)

1. Inverglen Celtic Raider (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Inverglen Springtime)

2. Burlmere Dare To Query (Burlmere Classic Cliche ex Rotell Missspelt Yoof at Burlmere) 3.Davot Chivalrous Chap (Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer ex Palubriken Chime Of Freedom via Davot)


Novice (3,1)

1. Lymehills Jack The Lad (Ch Gilbri New Edition ex Gilbri Maggie Helen at Lymehills)

2. Gelmoore Spin Doctor


Undergraduate (0)

No entries


Graduate (1)

1. Juanne Jaunty Jack Tar (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Joanne Gin'n Ice)


Post Graduate (10,1)

1. Clench's Vallange Agitator (Crookfields Calgacus ex Vallange Starlight)

2. Benary Sports Commentator (Ch Benary Specious ex Ch Benary Special Connection)

3. Heshe High Hopes to Grandmac (Ch Famecheck Hopeful Quest ex Heshe Maybe Magic)


Limit (11,2)

1.Kimgarwyn Apollo (UK/Ir Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Kimgarwyn Lucky Charm)

2. Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen (Inverglen Brigadier ex Birkfell Shining Through)

3. Wyedean Steel I Span (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Wyedean Spring Magic)


Open (9,2)

1. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd (Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka ex Rotella Luvyootoo Hopecharm)

2. Vallange Warlord (Crookfields Calgacus ex Vallange Scarlet O'Hara)

3. Gilbri Talk Of The Town (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Gilbri Dominique)



Bitch classes

Minor Puppy (11,2)

1.Ashgate Mary (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ch Ashgate Spey)

2. Dwilencia Perfect Love (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia)

3. Rosquin Alexandria (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Rosquin Ellen)


Puppy (17,4)

1. Chryzara Queen Of The Night (Vallange Warlord ex Chryzara Love Token)

2. Maxula Manhatten Transfer to Barwest (Incheril Firecracker ex Barwest Bee-Brite at Tynalt)

3.Lesanthas High Spirits (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Lesanthas Is Simply The Best)


Junior (11,2)

1. Lasara Lookat Me (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Ch Lasara Love Me Too)

2. Krisma Cactus (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Barwest Bee A Sport at Krisma)

3. Juanne Gin'n Soda (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Joanne Gin'n Ice)


Novice (3,3)

All absent


Undergraduate (4,1)

1. Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow (Ir/UK Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man ex H Honesty)

2. Trethmore Time To Stay (Trethmore Tradition ex Trethmore Time Share)

3. Lasara Ladies Maid (Lasara Lonely One ex Lasara Let Me See)


Graduate (7,1)

1. Etteann Wild Heather (UK/Ir Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Isly of Etteann)

2. Dwilencia City Girl (Ch Krisma City Slicker ex Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia)

3. Juanne Gin'n Soda (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Joanne Gin'n Ice)


Post Graduate (14,7)

1.Alchez Teela Twice As Nice (Alchez Action Man ex Yulike Carmen Sutra at Alchez)

2. Lindenka Shannon (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Lindenka Zippitydoodah)

3. Patnor Sweet Dreams at Hillsted (Hillsted Super Trouper ex Lavender Sunrise of Patnor)


Limit (15,3)

1. Ragus Winter Morning at Krisma (Lindenka Brannigan ex Krisma Artemis)

2.Lamsmore Miss Brodie (UK/Ir Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Beinn Mhor of Lamsmore)

3. Avianco Silver Slipper (Trewen Regal Guardian ex Trewen Regal Duchess)


Open (14,3)

1. Wistonant Cassie by Vallange (Ch Vallange Lord Of Love ex Wistonant Little Sadie)

2. Barwest Bedtime Story (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Barwest By Moonlight)

3. Comdale Grand Cassatta (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Compach Lass of Comdale)