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Repeating the dog awards from East of England, Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd took his 4th CC and BOB at Leeds while his son, Krisma Jammydodger took his 3rd reserve CC the year.

The judge at Leeds was Frank Edwards of Heshe and found his best bitch in Julie Steemson's Bellevue Adorable JW who took a reserve earlier in the year at Windsor and took her second CC on the day after her first in 2001.  She is by Janchard Unforgeta-Bell who took first in Limit dog and is a CC winner himself and was bred by Tina Squire.  

Reserve in bitches was a first for the post graduate winner, Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow, owned by Mrs and Miss Foster, bred by the Crocketts.  A daughter of Irish/UK Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man ex a daughter of the last Havasu Champion, Irish/UK/Danish Ch Havasu Humber Lady.

Best Puppy was a daughter of Willie Makeit, Kingsview Willo The Wisp, owned and bred by Julie Coley from a Streetwise daughter.  Both minor puppy winners and puppy bitch were Streetwise grandchildren.  Streetwise sired three of the bitch 1st prize winners, plus one dog and two other second prize winners plus several others placed.


Minor Puppy (7 entered, 5 present)

1. Avianco Daniel Deronda (Avianco Atlanta ex Justrite Lucky Charm)

2.Ashgate Scot's Progress (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Scots Sagacity)

3. Hot Nightcap (Whynncraege Navajo ex Burlmere September Serenade)


Puppy (5,4)

1. Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie (Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie ex Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia)

2. Hot Nightcap

3. Llovall License to Thrill (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Llovall All Of Me)


Junior (2,1)

1. Krisma Jammydodger (Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Krisma Telling Tales)


Novice (2,1)

1. Inverglen Celtic Raider (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Inverglen )


Graduate (2,1)

1. Bravo Tango (Ch Newtonglen Fagan ex Naughty Non)


Post Graduate (6,3)

1. Krisma Moonshot (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Olac Miami Moon)

2.Llovall Artful Dodger (Llasara Laserlight ex Llovall All My Lovin)

3. Bravo Tango


Limit (8,8)

1. Janchard Unforgeta-Bell (Ch Ashgate Bern Era ex Jillso Sophies Choice at Janvhard)

2. Etteann Lord Of The Glen (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Isly of Etteann)

3. Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen (Inverglen Brigadier ex Birkfell Solemn Melody)


Open (6,5)

1. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd (Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka ex Rotella Lovyootoo Hopecharm)

2. Ch Lindenka Brannigan (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Lindenka Zippitydoodah)

3. Charosmack Clogs'n'Togs at Dilkhuish (Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer ex Wee Hy Lynn's Cheerleader)



Minor Puppy (11,7)

1. Kingsview Willo The Wisp (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Kingsview Sky High)

2. Duskhunter Make Believe (Pryorvale Image Maker ex Duskhunter Just Splendid)

3. Clanestar Cinammon (Ch Lindenka Quigley ex Kristajen Carefree Spirit with Clanestar)


Puppy (9,4)

1. Avianco Vanilla Sky (Avianco Atlanta ex Justrite Lucky Charm)

2. Rosquin Alexandria (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Rosquin Ellen)

3. Victory Princess at Newtonglen (Newtonglen Lord O'The Isles ex Rozamie Rosalind)


Junior (6,5)

1. Bellevue Guilded Lily at Krisma (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Ch Bellevue Tiger Lilly)

2. Hopecharm Little April Dream (Canadian Ch Hopecharm Steady Under Fire ex Hopecharm Polly Poppet)

3. Birbrinda Morning Star by Sarmac (Sarmac The Is My Moment ex Birbrinda Buffetiere)


Novice (2,1)

1. Barnwin I'm Daisy May (Jeau Dorce by Juanne ex Norjons Delizimo by Barnwin)


Graduate (4,3)

1. Lasara Lookat Her (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Ch Lasara Love Me Too)

2. Silva Secret Lady (Newtonglen Lord O'The Isles ex Burlmere September Serenade)

3. Trethmore Time To Stay (Trethmore Tradition ex Trethmore Time Share)


Post Graduate (15,13)

1. Havasu Hidden Trasure at Thozow (Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man ex Havasu Honesty)

2. Lasara Lookat Me (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Ch Lasara Love Me Too)

3. Duskhunter Angel Image (Pryorvale Image Maker ex Duskhunter Charlies Angel)


Limit (12,8)

1. Madrabawn Tara Princess (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Bellevue Pritty Lady of Madrabawn)

2. Lindenka Lana to Elmeon (Ch Kimgarwyn Cagney ex Lindenka Zippitydoodah)

3. Cloonbeggane Misattitude (Ch Jillso Just For Me ex Sarmac Real Whizzbang)


Open (19,15)

1.  Bellevue Adorable (Janchard Unforgeta-Bell ex Wesscots Fairytail)

2. Ashgate Saucher at Kristajen (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Skene)

3. Charosmack Clear Dreams (Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer ex Wee Hy Lynns Cheerleader)