Judges for 2019/2020/2021/2022



Welsh Kennel Club: Mrs S Goodwin (Spitewinter)

Scottish Kennel Club (August):

City of Birmingham: Mr A Wight (Sharval)

Darlington: Mr D Pearson (Winoski)*

Belfast: Mr T H Johnston (Fieldkirk)

North of Ireland WHWT Club: Miss N Foster (Thozow)

WHWT Club: Mrs D Britten (Krisma)

South Wales K A: Mr M Armstrong (Bitcon)

Midland Counties: Mr G Flyckt Pederson (Louline)+

LKA: Miss M Burns (Burneze)



Manchester: Mr M Phillips (Jaeva)

Crufts: Mr J Griffin (Burlmere)

Scottish Breeds:

National Terrier: Mrs J A Griffiths (Karamynd)

WHWT Club of England: Mrs T M Gaydon (Gilbri)

WELKS: Mrs P Molony (Killynether)

Birmingham National:

Scottish Kennel Club (May): Mrs V A Smith (Faymar)

Bath: Mrs S Smith (Benary)

Southern Counties: Mr K Jarvinen

Three Counties: Mrs D K Lancaster (Clanestar)

Border Union: Mr G Tullis (Drumsheugh)*

Blackpool: Mr P Wilkinson

Windsor: Mr P Eardley (Sherex)

East of England: Mr R Gaydon (Gilbri)



Southern WHWT Club: Mrs M Purchon (Lindenka)

North of Ireland WHWT Club:

WHWT Club:

South Wales: Mrs J Wall (Pepabby)



Crufts: Mr K Crockett (Havasu)

WHWT Club of England: Mr D Berry (Incheril)

Blackpool: Mrs W Corri (Inverglen)

South Wales: Mrs L Strand (Westlake)



Crufts: Mrs J A Griffiths (Karamynd)


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*  indicates first time awarding CCs in the breed as breed specialist

+ indicates first time awarding CCs as a non-breed specialst.

 Unless stated judges are breed specialists.

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