Comdale Curtain Call at Lizandycris


by Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd

ex Comdale She's The One

ow: Mrs J Carlin & Miss J Gillott

breeder: Mr S & Mrs D Jennings

2nd CC - Manchester

French/Int Ch Touch Of Class du Moulin de Macgregor


by Int Ch Sauve Par Le Gong du Moulin de Macgregor

ex Roly Poly du Moulin de Macgregor

owner: J Millasseau

breeder: Mrs R O'Connor

1st CC & BOB - Crufts

Lynnsto Mastercard


by Ch Lynnsto Pellam

ex Lynnsto Soloist

owner/breeder: Ms M Dale

1st CC - Scottish Breeds

Reserve CC - Border Union

Reserve CC - Belfast

Ch Bellevue Caught In The Act at Jillso, 27.12.04

by Bellevue Just F'fun

ex Bellevue Fire Dancer

ow: Mrs A Mellor, br: Mrs T Squire

Reserve CC - Crufts

6th CC & BOB - National Terrier

7th CC & BIS - WHWTC of England

8th CC - Welsh Kennel Club

Reserve CC - City of Birmingham

(New)Champion Walkonair Mister Rozamie


by Ch Krisma Jammydodger

ex Rozamie Royal Flair

owners: Messrs J Magri & D Marsden

breeders: Mrs S J & Mr K T J Knights

3rd CC - WELKS

(New)Champion Karamynd Play The Game, 22.2.06

UK/Ir Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy

ex Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd

owner/breeder: Mrs J A Griffiths

Photo: Derek Griffiths

(New)Champion Lynnsto Pellam


by UK/Irish/American/World/Int Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate

ex Roscafin Arrina at Lynnsto

owner/breeder: Ms M Dale

Reserve CC - WELKS

3rd CC & BOB - Scottish K C (May)

(New)Champion Havasu Pai


by Int/UK Ch Markstown Mr Havasu

ex Havasu Hells Angel

owners: Mesdames R Dunne (Charosmack) & P Crockett and Mr K Crockett

breeders: Mr K & Mrs P Crockett

Res CC & RBIS - WHWTC of England

1st CC & BOB - Bath

2nd CC & BOB - Paignton

3rd CC,BOB&Group#2-Bournemouth

4th CC - Richmond

Champion Bellevue Spirit Catcher


by Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit

ex Holly Munday

owner/breeder: Mrs T Squire

Reserve CC - Birmingham National

4th CC, BOB & Group#2 - Three Counties

5th CC & BOB - Windsor

6th CC - East of England

Reserve CC - Southern WHWT Club

Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale


by Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit

ex Bellevue Caught'U'Lookin

owner: Mrs S J Macbean

breeder: Mrs T Squire

1st CC - South Wales K A

Candido du Moulin de Macgregor


by Int Ch Touch-Of-Class du Moulin de Macgregor

ex Soupe Au Lait du M de M

owner: Mrs L L Minett (Duskhunter)

breeder: Mrs R O'Connor (France)

Reserve CC - Southern Counties

Reserve CC - Three Counties

Reserve CC - South Wales K A

1st CC & BOB - Leeds

Ashgate US Patriot (import)


by Int/UK Ch Ashgate Aros

ex American Ch Ashgate Stroneba

owner: Mrs S Thomson

breeder: Mr N & Mrs C Brown

Reserve CC - Paignton

Reserve CC - Bournemouth

1st CC & BOB - Darlington

BellebvueGoingDutchWithPryorvaleNet AshgateUSPatriotNet

Champion Comdale Action Man


by Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Comdale Classic

owners/breeders: Mr S & Mrs D Jennings

Reserve CC - Scottish Breeds

Reserve CC - National Terrier

22nd CC & BIS - WHWT Club


1st CC & BOB - Birmingham National

Reserve CC - Bath

2nd CC & BOB - Southern Counties

3rd CC & BOB - Border Union

4th CC,BOB & Gp#4 - SKC (August)

5th CC & BOB - City of Birmingham

Reserve CC - Richmond

6th CC & BIS - Southern WHWT Club

7th CC & BOB - Belfast

8th CC - N of I WHWT Club

9th CC - Midland Counties

(Champion)Irish Champion Duncabury Heez A Wonder, 29.9.05

by UK/Int Ch Markstown Mr Havasu

ex Crevamoy Dream Girl at Duncabury

owner/breeder: Mrs M Owens

Reserve CC - Leeds

Reserve CC - WHWT Club

3rd CC & BOB - L K A