"Tosiu" became the 7th UK Champion at Belfast for Mich Dale and the Lynnsto kennel. the second of the year after Lynnsto Eye Candy was made up at Three Counties.  He took all his CCs (every one with BOB) this year; the first coming at the August Scottish Kennel Club from Shauna Fryer (Hopecharm); the second from Stuart Plane (Stuane Scotties) at Darlington plus 4th in the group.   Then the third from {Peter Bakewell (Norwelston Australian and Norwich Terriers).   Significantly, Tosiu becomes the very first Westie bred in Poland to win a UK title and was born at the Superbia kennel of Anna Siwulska.  

Tosiu is just three years old and arrived in the UK as a youngster, winning Best Puppy at Darlington in 2011 and then Puppy of the Year at the WHWT Club of England Dog of the Year contest.  During 2012 he won five Reserve CCs, including Darlington again.  the first UK Champion for his sire, the French bred International Ch Un Pour Moi du Moulin de Mac Gregor and dam, Polish Ch Avra Superbia.  Un Pour Moi shares the same sire as Nordic/Int/UK Champion Spoilt Brat du Moulin de Mac Gregor, sire of 2013 Champion, Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten.  Avra Superbia and Un Pour Moi are both grandchildren of Jubbly Bubbly du Moulin de Mac Gregor, who also appears in the pedigree of the Crufts 2013 BOB, NZ/Canadian/American Ch Whitebriar Jaw Dropper.  Jubbly Bubbly herself is from two UK bred dogs, Wesscots Gladiator and Holycross Bo-Peep.

Tosiu has proved successful as a sire with several Best Puppy winners and others with first prizes.  Five of his children have won Best Puppy awards in 2013: Davot Chief Whip, Thozow Forget Me Not (Puppy Group#2 at Windsor), Lynnsto Legally Blond, Eye Candy's son, Lynnsto Candyman (Puppy Group#3 at Belfast) and his litter sister, Lynnsto Candy Crush.

Champion Something Special

Superbia Lynnsto


International Champion Monsieur aus der Flerlage

from Germany

Tosiu's background...

Multi International Champion

Un Pour Moi du Moulin de Mac Gregor

Un pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor Avra Superbia

Polish Champion

Avra Superbia

WHWT UK Champions bred overseas...



Tosiu is the latest in an increasing list of overseas Westies who have gained UK titles....

Nordic/UK Champion Tweed Tartan Caledonier

from Sweden

Champion Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate

from Italy

Multi/UK Champion Royal Diva vom Deipen Brook

from Germany

Multi/UK Champion Here I Am vom Deipen Brook

from Germany

Champion Walk The Line vom Deipen Brook to Krisma

from Germany

Champion Ashgate U S {Patriot

from the U S A

 In 1966, German/Int Ch Monsieur aus der Flerlage (owned by Miss B Zakschewski who later became, Bergit Coady-Kabel, the famous US handler) won his UK Championship after gaining titles around Europe.  He later won his American Championship.  Monsieur was a son of an exported Branston dog, Barnstormer and from a bitch with a Famecheck sire and Stoneygap dam.  


Nordic/Int/UK Ch Spoilt Brat du Moulin de Mac Gregor

from Sweden via France

Bred and owned by Birgitta Hasselgren, Tartan Caledonier stayed over in the UK long enough to win his title and sire several key litters.  He sired one UK Champion, Olac Moondream and Morenish Just William (owned by Geoff Corish who handled Tartan Caledonier to his title) who himself sired 4 UK Champions. including 1985's Top Westie, Ch Clan Crinan.  Caledonier also appears in the pedigree of Ch Olac Moon Pilot through his dam's line.


Owned by Sue Thomson, Pilgrim was bred in Italy by Elanora Giacomelli.  He was by UK CC winner, Italian/Int Ch Wikeland Connor ex Crufts BOB, UK/Int Ch Ashgate Sonsie.  Pilgrim was Top Westie in 2002 and became the first Ashgate Terrier Group winner.  He later amassed titles in Ireland, at the World Show, across Europe and then America.  Nine of his offspring achieved UK titles.

Rocco was bred at the French kennel of Ruth O'Connor, relocating to Sweden with Susanne Birberg (Match).  He won his Nordic titles and sired many Champions before entering Crufts 2007 and winning BOB.  He returned to the UK later that year to win 2nd & 3rd CCs, handled by Geoff Corish.  Rocco returned for another visit, siring his first UK Champion who was made up in 2013.

Spanish/Portugese/UK Champion Alborada Centurion

from Spain

Sam became the very first American bred West Highland White to win a title in the UK at Windsor on Independence Day 2009.  He was bred at the American franchise of the Ashgate kennel by Mr C & Mrs N Brown from two UK bred Ashgates, Int/UK Ch A Aros and Am Ch A Stroneba, a Pilgrim daughter and litter sister to Ch A Saucher at Kristajen.  He has sired a UK Champion and three of her descendents won UK titles in 2013.  Sam himself is currently living in the Netherlands.

Diva won a CC at her first UK show (Manchester) after gaining multiple titles all over Europe.  Her sire, Ch Krisma Streetwise had visited Germany for a while, staying at the kennel of the Deipenbrock family.  Her dam, Los Angeles vom Deipen Brook had only distant UK ancestors from the Highstile and Wesscots kennels.  Diva won a second CC at Crufts and later a third at the Welsh Kennel Club becoming the very first UK Champion bitch bred overseas....but her links with the UK don't stop there...

Centurion came from the Spanish kennel of Jesus Pastor and Maite Gonzalbo with titles in Spain and Portugal.  Staying with Sue Thomson (Ashgate) and Jacky Ash (Hillcloud), Centurion quickly gained his UK title in the early part of 2010.  The Alborada kennel is one of the most successful in the world and its WHWTs are based on Ashgate dogs, including a number of UK Champions exported to Spain during the 80s and 90s.  Centurion is the great grandson of Ch Ashgate Connel.  Centurion sired 2012 Champion, Ashgate Moonsie.

Centurion's page

Wolfie is the son of Royal Diva, sired by a CC winning Krisma, Spitnpolish, now resident at the Deipen Brook kennel.  Wolfie arrived in the UK as a puppy winning 4 BP awards in 2011, followed by 2 CCs, 2 BOB, 2 Reserve CCs and 2 Group places before the year was out.  2012 was his year, winning 10 further CCs (9 BOB), 5 Reserve CCs and the Terrier Group ay East of England.  Therefore ending the year as Top Westie with owner Dot Britten.  Wolfie sired 2012's Top Puppy, a 2013 CC winner and his first Champion.

Here I Am is the half brother of Royal Diva, sharing the same sire in Streetwise.  He has multiple titles all over Europe.  Winning his CC at Manchester in 2013, Here I Am became the 3rd Deipen Brook UK Champion and Streetwise's 12th UK title holder.  His dam, Madonna vom Deipen Brook also goes back to Highstile and Wesscots, but also some Ashgate and Lasara breeding.  Here I Am won a Reserve CC on his first appearance in the UK, then CCs on visits in 2011 (Birmingham National), 2012 (National Terrier) and 2013.

An elder brother of Tosiu is Multi International Champion

I'm The Best Superbia

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