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"Louie" won his first CC in 2012 at Three Counties from Val Smith (Faymar).  He was shown sparingly after that, until May 2013 when he won the Reserve CC at Bath.  Into 2014, he won a Reserve CC at the National Terrier, then his second CC & BOB at WELKS from Pat Barrell (Barwest).  He later went on to Terrier Group#2.  His next show was Bath where he won his 3rd CC and title from first  time judge David Shields.  Louie is owned and bred by Jane Kabel and Ida Bouwhuis, and handled from 2013 by Geoff Corish and Michael Coad.  Louie is the third UK Champion for his sire, Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr who was the Top Stud in 2012.  His dam was dual CC winner Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall.   Together they have also produced two other Best Puppy winners including a Top Puppy, a CC winner and a Canadian Champion.

Louie becomes the second UK Champion bred at Llovall, the first owned for Ida Bouwhuis and the thirteenth owned or bred for Jane Kabel, although she has owned and bred many more overseas title holders.

Champion Llovall A King Of Hearts

Louie's parents are linked in their pedigrees to two Krisma dogs: Ch Krisma Streetwise and his great nephew, Ch Krisma Jammydodger.  Streetwise is a great grandson of Miss Kabel's UK/Dutch/Int Ch Lasara Love-All, who in turn descends from Miss Kabel's first UK Champion, Dutch/Int Ch Lasara Lots Of Fun.

Louie's background...

Also winning her title in 1978 was Champion Famecheck Holy Orders.  Bred by Miss F M C Cook, she was co-owned by Graham and Kabel.

She was the dam of three UK Champions, two of them to Fun and the third to a CC winning son of Fun.

Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr



Louie's pedigree KrismaRollThe_Dice_ForLlovall08Web Llovall A King Of Hearts LlovallAintMisbe

Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall


Jane Kabel acquired a dog puppy from the famous Lasara kennel of Barbara Graham and took him to the Netherlands.  He was by Lasara Lincoln (by Ch Famecheck Hallmark ex Ch Lasara Louise) ex Famecheck Corinne of Lasara.

Lasara Lots Of Fun won his Dutch title quickly and in 1976 returned to the UK with his owner...

Jane became a partner in the Lasara kennel with Barbara Graham.  Lasara owned or bred 23 UK Champions in all; Jane owned or bred eleven Champions and several CC winners in her time at the kennel.  

Fun won his UK title in 1978.  His main awards were:



Reserve CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club - Mrs M Duell (Lorell)

Reserve CC - Bath - Mrs Lemon (Citrus)

1st CC & BOB - Three Counties - Mrs R Pritchard (Melwyn), & Reserve Terrier Group

Reserve CC - Welsh Kennel Club - Mr J Bower



2nd CC - National Terrier - Mrs B Keenan (USA)

Reserve CC - Three Counties - Mrs E A A Millen (Sarmac)

3rd CC - South Wales K A - Mr J H J Braddon (Ide)



Reserve CC - Crufts - Mrs P M Welch (Glengyle)

Fun's pedigree CH_Famecheck_Holy_Orders Holy Order's pedigree


Reserve CC - Birmingham National - Mr L Haynes

1st CC - Windsor - Mrs A Dallison

Reserve CC - South Wales K A - Mr J H J Braddon (Ide)

2nd CC - East of England - Mrs J Abbey (Kristajen)

3rd CC & BOB - Richmond - Mr P Newman (Risepark)

Holy Orders' first litter to Lots Of Fun produced Champion Lasara Lend A Hand, the first UK Champion for Connie Hartmann (Fritsilver) who won her title in 1981 with Best in Show at the WHWT Club of England.  


Also winning his title in 1981 was Champion Lasara Loyal's Pick.  He was a son of Lasara Loyal (a sire of 3 UK Champions) and Famecheck Corinne of Lasara (also dam of Fun).


Holy Orders had a second litter by Lots Of Fun, this time producing Champion Lasara Like-A-Lot.

ChLasaraLookatim ChLasaraLoyalPick


Reserve CC - WHWT Club - Mrs M Duell (Lorell)

1st CC - Blackpool - Mrs S Morgan (Ballacoar)



Reserve CC - Scottish K C (May) - Mr W Bertram (Highstile)



2nd CC & BOB - Scottish K C (May) - Mrs M Law (Broomlaw)

3rd CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club - Mrs B Hands (Crinan)

Fun sired three UK Champions and two CC winners, including Jean Abbey's Ch Birkfell Sunrise (1979).


Reserve CC - WHWT Club - Miss S Cleland (Birkfell)

Reserve CC - Three Counties - Mr J Braddon (Ide)



1st CC & BOB - Birmingham National - Mrs E A A Millen (Sarmac)

2nd CC - Windsor - Mrs S Thomson (Ashgate)

3rd CC - Scottish K C (May) - Mr L Haynes

Loyal's Pick's pedigree Like-A-Lot's pedigree

Two offspring of Lots Of Fun won CCs during 1982 and 1983.

Haweswalton Man About Town, bred by Sue Hawes but owned by Graham/Kabel, won his only CC & BOB at Border Union in 1982 from Hilda Varley (Yelrav).

He later won a title in Canada.


Sunbright, Fun and Man About Town

Birkfell Sunbright, bred by Sheila Cleland and owned by Graham/Kabel, won her only CC, with BOB at Scottish K C (August) from Andrew Thomson (Ashgate) and later went Reserve in the Terrier Group.

Her elder full sister was Ch Birkfell Sunrise.

Sunbright's pedigree Man About Town's pedigree

A third litter from Holy Orders, this time by Haweswalton Man About Town produced Champion Lasara Lookatim.


Reserve CC - Windsor - Mrs B Strivens (Angilgate)

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (August) - Mr A Thomson (Ashgate)

Reserve CC - Leicester - Miss J Herbert (Glenalwyne)

Reserve CC - City of Birmingham - Mrs M Torbet (Newtonglen)

Reserve CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club - Mrs S Thomson (Ashgate)

Reserve CC - Belfast - Mrs R Pritchard (Melwyn)

1st CC - LKA - Mrs C Hartmann (Fritsilver)



2nd CC & BOB - Scottish K C (May) - Mrs Fenlon

Reserve CC - Bath - Mrs M Coy (Cedarfell)

3rd CC - Windsor - Mrs B Hands (Crinan)

4th CC - Mrs M Torbet (Newtonglen)

In 1985, Champion Lasara Lady Sue won her 3rd CC.  She was a daughter of Ch Haweswalton Houdini (one of 12 UK Champions he sired) ex Reserve CC winner, Lasara Liza Jane (a daughter of Lots Of Fun).   Lady Sue later went to Sweden to the Bushey's kennel of Britta Roos-Borjeson.


Reserve CC - Three Counties - Mr F Jones

Reserve CC - South Wales K A - Miss L Beak

Reserve CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club - Mrs C Hartmann (Fritsilver)



Reserve CC - WHWT Club of England - Mrs S J Kearsey (Pillerton)

Reserve CC - Border Union - Mr F Jones

1st CC - Scottish K C (May) - Mrs E Berry (Incheril)

2nd CC & BOB - Darlington - Mrs C Hartmann (Fritsilver)

3rd CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club - Mrs M Torbet (Newtonglen)

ChLasaraLadySue Eng.Dutc.Int.CH_Lasara_Love_All_W88_(2) Eng.Dutc.Int.CH_Lasara_Love_All_W88

During 1985, a litter brother and sister made their debuts in the showring.  They were by Houdini son, Ch Midshipman of Haweswalton ex Lasara Lucky Lot, a daughter of Lasara Loyal and Ch Lasara Like-A-Lot.  


The bitch, Lasara Love Token was the Top Westie Puppy of 1985 and winner of a Reserve CC in 1986 and a CC in 1987 at the WHWT Club from Ron Armstrong (Justrite).  


Reserve CC - National Terrier - Mr D Tattersall (Olac)

Reserve CC - Blackpool - Mr H Atkinson (Wyndam)

Reserve CC - South Wales K A - Mr F Jones

1st CC & BOB - Scottish K C (August) - Mrs M Duell (Lorell)

2nd CC & BOB - Leicester - Mrs S J Kearsey (Pillerton)

3rd CC & BOB - Richmond - Mr R Pogson (Meryt)

Terrier Group#1 - Richmond

Reserve CC - Midland Counties - Miss F Hamilton (Oudenarde)



4th CC & BOB - Manchester - Mrs H Varley (Yelrav)

5th CC & BIS - Southern WHWT Club - Mrs S Morgan (Ballacoar)

Reserve CC - South Wales K A - Mrs B Hands (Crinan)

Reserve CC - Combined Clubs' - Mrs J H Daniell-Jenkins (of the Rouge - USA)

6th CC & BIS - North of Ireland WHWT Club - Mr E Keenan (USA)

Birkfell Sunbright 2 Lasara Love Token


  The dog became UK/Dutch/International Champion Lasara Love-All wnning his UK title in 1986...

Love Token

"Mitch" was the Top Sire of puppy winners in 1987 and sired 2 UK Champions and 2 CC winners (Lasara Lead-To-Love and Lasara Ladies Choice).

Together with his sister and several other Lasaras, Mitch relocated to the Netherlands when Jane returned there in 1988.  He carried on his show career across Europe becoming the Top Westie, Top Terrier and #5 all breeds in 1988 and sired more Champions across Europe.

ChLasaraLullaby cropped

Meanwhile, back in the UK, three more Lasara bitches, co-bred by Jane and owned by Barbara Graham won their titles.  

Ch Lasara Lullaby (1991)

Daughter of Love-All, she was the dam of a Champion and a CC winner.  Her litter sister, Lasara Lillet of Kimgarwyn produced the first two Champions for her owners.

Ch Lasara Lucy-In-The-Sky (1990), by dual CC winner Picklepeg White Frost (by Moffat) and from a granddaughter of Man About Town.  Lucy became dam of a Champion.

Ch Lasara 'L For Leather (1989)

The Top Puppy of 1986, she was by Am Ch Ballacoar Moffat is Justrite (from a Lasara dam) from a granddaughter of Lots Of Fun.  She produced a Champion, the first for the Krisma kennel.



The Llasara kennel produced several Champions who won titles across Europe and beyond...

Dutch Champion Llasara Ayla

Ayla was by a grandson of Fun, from a daughter of Love-All and Birkfell Sunbright.  She appears several times in Louie's pedigree.

DutchChLlasaraAyla Dutch_CH_Llasara_Lady_In_White_(2)

Dutch Champion Llasara Lady In White, a daughter of Ayla, by German Ch White Top Juanito.

Ayla was by a grandson of Fun, from a daughter of Love-All and Birkfell Sunbright.  She appears several times in Louie's pedigree.


Danish/Swedish Ch Llasara Loverboy, owned by Joan Dan, he was by Love-All ex Ashgate Seana (by Spanish/Int Ch A Fin Me Oot ex UK/Int Ch A Sallachy).  

Am_CH_Llasara_As_Good_As_It_Gets Am_CH_Llasara_Landsman

American Champion Llasara As Good As It Gets, owned by Pat Roark, by Llasara's American import, Beach Boy at O'Shelly Bay ex Llasara Limerick, a great granddaughter of Love-All.  

American Champion Llasara Landsman, owned by Barbara Beach.  Another by Beach Boy ex Llasara Am-I-A-Madam, a daughter of Ayla.

Hungarian Champion Llasara Love Shines A Light, owned by Krisztina Werner.  Another by Beach Boy ex a granddaughter of Ayla.  

Llasara All Rite at Charosmack was imported by Roz Dunne and won 2 Reserve CCs.  He was by Beach Boy ex a daughter of Lady In White.  Tom sired double Top Westie, UK/German/American Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer.

Llovall All Rite at Charosmack


Jane and Ida returned to the UK and adopted the Llovall kennel name, consistently producing winners ever since, who all descend from Dutch/UK/International Ch Lasara Lots Of Fun.


Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall

Bred by Dot Britten, Fling was by Ch Krisma Jammydodger from a daughter of Ch Krisma Streetwise.  She won 2CCs and 3 RCCs.  As a dam she produced three litters to Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr producing three Best Puppy winners including a Top Puppy, a CC winner, a Canadian Ch and a UK Champion.  

CH_Llovall_A_King_Of_Hearts Dutch_CH_Llovall_Leader_Of_The_Pack_(2) Am_CH_Lloval_A_Starry_Knight Am_CH_Llovall_A_Licence_To_Thrill_(2)

American Champion Llovall Starry Knight, owned by Marlene Chronister.  A son of Beach Boy at O'Shelly Bay ex Llasara Ain't She Sweet, a granddaughter of Love-All.  His litter sister, L All My Lovin is the great granddam of Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr.

American Champion Llovall License To Thrill, later owned by Marty & Cliff Replogle, by Ch Krisma Streetwise ex a daughter of Lady-In-Waiting.  Tony was Best Puppy at SWKA in 2003 then won the Puppy Terrier Group.  His daughter from his only UK litter, Llovall Anything Goes produced a UK Champion in her only litter.

Dutch Champion Llovall Leader Of The Pack

by Ch Kimgaryn Alco ex Llovall Luck Be A Lady, a litter sister of American Ch Llovall License To Thrill.

Junior later went to Ine Crabbe (Rustically's) and won his Dutch title.  In his two UK litters, he sired Reserve CC winner, Llovall Lady Sings The Blues and Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr.


Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr

By Dutch Ch Llovall Leader Of The Pack ex Llovall All That Jazz, a daughter of Ch Krisma Jammydodger.  Satchmo was Top Stud dog in 2012 from the CC wins of his offspring.   He has sired three UK Champions:

Ch Faymar Fine Romance (Top Westie 2013)

Ch Hillsted Same Again

Ch Llovall A King Of Hearts

A CC winner, Llovall A Real Deal at Comdale

A Reserve CC (& Best Puppy) winner, Kimgarwyn Orchid

A Real Deal, Same Again and Lindenka Frazer were all Top Puppy winners.

Overseas: Canadian Ch Llovall Ain't A Bet Ladyleigh

American Ch Lindenka Travis

Champion Llovall A King Of Hearts, winning his third CC at Bath 2013 from David Shields.


1st CC - Three Counties - Mrs V Smith (Faymar)



Reserve CC - Bath - Mr F Kane (Hirontower)



Reserve CC - National Terrier - Mrs P A Molony

2nd CC & BOB - WELKS - Mrs P Barrell (Barwest)

Terrier Group#2 - WELKS

3rd CC - Bath - Mr D Shields

4th CC - Southern Counties - Mr K Jarvinen (Finland)

Llovall Ladyleigh

Louie's litter brother, Canadian Champion Llovall Ain't A Bet Ladyleigh

owned by Catherine Hamilton.