Comdale Charlie Girl came out in 2012, winning Best Puppy and the Reserve CC at South Wales as a minor puppy from judge, Angus Gordon (Tiellos).   Into 2014, she started her winning ways with Reserve CCs at WHWT Club of England, WELKS and Three Counties.  Her first CC came at Windsor from Angus Gordon, followed by a second with BOB at East of England from Val Smith (Faymar).  A Reserve CC and RBIS at the WHWT Club Championship show preceded her 3rd CC at LKA from Dot Britten (Krisma).

Charlie is the sixth UK Champion for her owners and breeders, Denise and Steve Jennings.  The second UK Champion for her sire, Ch Walk The Line vom Deipen Brook to Krisma and the third for her dam, Comdale Talk The Talk, a daughter of the first and second Comdale Champions, Comdale Action Man and Llovall As Mama Said to Comdale.   Walk The Line and Talk The Talk are linked in their pedigrees by Ch Krisma Streetwise, who appears in the pedigree of three of Charlie's grandparents.  Talk The Talk is linebred to the multi titled Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (Action Man is his grandson while As Mama Said is his great granddaughter) but also has several lines to Action Man's sire, Ch Ashgate Sinclair, the most successful UK stud dog.

Talk The Talk is again the Top Brood of the year due to Charlie's win and the two further CCs won by her elder daughter, Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted.  Steve and Denise were again Top Breeders in 2014.

Champion Comdale Charlie Girl

Charlie's background...

Charlie Girl's pedigree

Broods with 3 UK Champions...

Comdale Charlie Girl Walk The Line vom Deipenbrook to Krisma cropped

Her sire: Champion Walk The Line vom Deipen Brook to Krisma

Wolfie was the Top Westie of 2012, the first overseas bred WHWT to take the award.  He is by a UK bred CC winner ex a German bred multi-titled daughter of Ch Krisma Streetwise, who won her UK title. His first UK Champion was Ch Comdale Johnny Boy (2013) and he has also sired dual CC winning former Top Puppy, Krisma Storm In A Teacup.

Shown a little as a puppy, Talk The Talk has more than proved herself as a brood, now producing three Champions.  Her first litter to Ch Pepabby Prank produced Kirsten & John Fox's Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted and the Jennings' Ch Comdale Starr.  Her second litter produced Charlie Girl, while a third litter (again to Prank) produced a Best Puppy and first prize winner, Comdale Lovely Molly.

Her dam: Comdale Talk The Talk

Talk The Talk is the latest bitch to produced three UK Champions.  Here are the others:

Hedderwick Lass

(Ch Wolvey Skylark, Ch Craig Witch, Ch Wolvey Clover)


Champion Ruth of Rushmoor

(Ch Wings, Ch Rowenna of Rushmoor, Ch Rowson of Rushmoor)


Walney Thistle

(Ch Shiningcliff Simon, Ch Shiningcliff Storm, Ch Shiningcliff Sultan)


Champion Wolvey Clover

(Ch Wolvey Patrician, Ch Wolvey Patron, Ch Wolvey Patrol)


Cooden Security

(Ch Cooden Sapper, Ch Cooden Safety, Ch Cooden Stonechat)


Bloom of Branston

(Ch Barrister of Branston, Ch Brisk of Branston, Ch Lynwood Branston Blue)

Between them this trio produced 14 UK Champions


Bono of Branston

(Ch Brindie of Branston, Ch Busybody of Branston, Ch Briarrose of Branston)


Champion Brindie of Branston

(Ch Brenda of Branston, Ch Banner of Branston, Ch Banny of Branston)


Cotsmor Crisp

(Ch Cotsmor Crunch, Ch Cotsmor Creampuff, Ch Cotsmor Creambun)


Champion Lynwood Branston Blue

(Ch Lynwood Blue Betty, Ch Lynwood Timothy, Ch Lynwood Marcia)


Famecheck Paddy Scalare

(Ch Famecheck Lucky Charm, Ch Famecheck Lucky Mascot, Ch Famecheck Lucky Choice)

Between them this trio produced 9 UK Champions


Champion Birkfell Solitaire

(Ch Birkfell Summer Sun, Ch Birkfell Solace, Ch Birkfell Solitude)


Whitebriar Jesca

(Ch Whitebriar Jimmick, Ch Whitebriar Jennymoon, Ch Whitebriar Jaydixie)


Rainsborowe Bridie

(Ch Lindenhall Discord, Ch Lindenhall Drambui, Ch Lindenhall Donna)


Birkfell Screech Owl

(Ch Pillerton Prejudice, Ch Purston Petite, Ch Purston Peter Pan)


Champion Whitebriar Jillan

(Ch Cedarfell Messenger Dove, Ch Ballacoar Musetta of Cedarfell, Ch Medalist of Cedarfell)


Champion Birkfell Solitude

(Ch Birkfell Solicitude, Ch Birkfell Soliloquy, Ch Birkfell Silver Thistle of Clanestar)


Champion Famecheck Holy Orders

(Ch Lasara Lend A Hand, Ch Lasara Like-A-Lot, Ch Lasara Lookatim)


Haweswalton High Society

(Ch Haweswalton Carousel, Ch Haweswalton Stormtrooper, Ch Haweswalton Mermaid)


Champion Ashgate Sallachy

(UK/Int Ch Ashgate Connel, UK/Int Ch Ashgate Shuna, Ch Ashgate Sinclair and Ashgate Skerry)


Champion Haweswalton Merry-Go-Round

(Ch Haweswalton Troubadour, Ch Haweswalton Guardsman, Ch Haweswalton Apache)


Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass

(Ch Ashgate Hielan Laddie, Ch Ashgate Bern Era, Ch Wesscots Knight In Arms and Ashgate Bleaval of Fernforest, dam of 4 UK Champions)


Irish/UK Ch Glenveagh Gabriella

(UK/Irish Ch Glenveagh Natasha at Havasu, UK/Irish Ch Glenveagh The Entertainer, UK/Irish Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man and CC winner Glenveagh Guitar Man)


Ashgate Skerry

(UK/Int Ch Ashgate Sonsie, Ch Ashgate Staffa at Rosquin, Ch Ashgate Spey)


Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze

(Ch Burneze Chatter Box, Ch Burneze Proudly Presents, UK/Irish Ch Burneze Mistletoe Magic)


Hopecharm Full Of Deelite at Karamynd

(Ch Karamynd High As A Kite, Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause, Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd) Between them this trio produced 9 UK Champions


Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto

(UK/Irish Ch Lynnsto Ultra Violet, Ch Lynnsto Man About Town, Ch Lynnsto Platinum)


Comdale Talk The Talk

(Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted, Ch Comdale Starr & Ch Comdale Charlie Girl)

The Comdale Kennel...

The Comdales have now had six UK Champions since 2005 when their first, Comdale Action Man was twice Top Westie and won 22CCs.  The addition of Llovall As Mama Said to Comdale who became the second Champion in 2011 led to the line that produced the next 4 Champions:

Action Man & As Mama Said's granddaughter, Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted in 2013; As Mama Said's son, Ch Comdale Johnny Boy in 2013; Miss January's litter sister, Ch Comdale Starr in 2013 and Ch Comdale Charlie Girl in 2014.

ComdaleActMan Llovall As Mama Said to Comdale

Action Man

As Mama Said

Ch_Comdale_Miss_january_At_Hillsted_2_ Comdale Johnny Boy cropped Comdale Starr cropped

Miss January

Johnny Boy