Minor Puppy (1 entered, 1 present)

1st Mealing's Reifrandies Tom Faggus


Puppy (3,2)

1st Squire's Kimgarwyn Alco

2nd Abbey's Clanestar Clocking Off at Kristajen


Junior (6,6)

1st Jennings' Comdale Action Man

2nd Minnett's Duskhunter Millionheir

3rd C Clocking Off at K

4th Fielding's Jillso Justice

5th Owen's Egremont Knight Errant


Graduate (3,2)

1st Robinson's Patnor Valentine

2nd Barrington's His Masters Choice


Post Graduate (7,5)

1st Squire's Bellevue Just Ffun

2nd Magri's Dwilencia Dream Lover of Rozamie

3rd Sweetzer's Ambasali Fancy Free

4th Strivens' Bellevue Foxtrot with Angilgate

5th Windram's Bravo Tango


Limit (5,3)

1st Dingley's Davot Chivalrous Chap

2nd Bishop's Palestrina Mr Valentine

3rd Bravo Tango


Open (8,2)

1st Britten's Ch Krisma Jammydodger  CC&BOB

2nd Squire's Ch Bellevue Trigger Happy  Res CC

3rd Thomson's Ashgate Inish Biggle

4th Smith's Benary Special Consort

5th Millen&McGregor's Sarmac Merry Duke

Minor Puppy (5 entered, 3 present)

1st Minnett's Duskhunter Rasamataze

2nd Macbean's Duskhunter Snowbell of Pryorvale

3rd Barrell's Barwest By All Means


Puppy (6,6)

1st Lancaster's Clanestar Cloudancer

2nd Graham's Lasara Libra

3rd Clarke's Roscafin Arruna

4th Sizmore's Lamsmore Miss Bridie

5th Foster's Thozow Bit Of Trouble


Junior (11,7)

1st Minnett's Duskhunter MillionTOne

2nd Gallop's Maedhlyan Chantilly Lace

3rd Brown's Spanton Lady Saysalot

4th Filmore's Karagem Lunar Skye

5th Carter's Yoho Chehalis Acahkos


Graduate (6,6)

1st Lancaster's Clanestar Cinnamon

2nd Clarke's Lynnsto Soloist

3rd Shaw's Matheron Miss Edition

4th M Chantilly Lace

5th Pritchard's Elmeon Evie at Montifiore


Post Graduate (12,11)

1st Dunne's Charosmack Cool Secret

2nd Squire's Kimgarwyn Little Mo

3rd Coley's Kingsview Willo The Wisp

4th Macbean's Pryorvale Travellers Quest

5th Lee's Daphayr Truly Scrumptious


Limit (11,8)

1st Dingley's Davot Chy Anne Res CC

2nd Smith's Benary Spinelle

3rd Foster's Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow

4th Milner's Juanne Ginn Soda

5th Vendyback's Heikers Sobhrach


Open (4,2)

1st Dunne's Ch Charosmack Clear Dreams  CC

2nd Jennings' Comdale Grand Cassatta