CC photos


Champion Pepabby Priceless


by Ch Krisma Jammydodger

ex Ch Pepabby Precious

ow/br: Mr & Mrs J M Edmondson

11th CC & BOB - Manchester

12th CC - Crufts

13th CC - WHWT Club of England

14th CC & BOB - South Wales K A

15th CC & BOB - East of England

16th CC - Southern WHWT Club

17th CC - WHWT Club


(New)Champion Karamynd Lilac



by Ch Karamynd High As A Kite

ex Krisma Trouble In Mind at Karamynd

ow/br: Mrs J A Griffiths

3rd CC - Scottish Breeds

Photo: D Griffiths

(New)Champion Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri, 20.12.05

by Ir/UK Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town

ex Wistonant Wild Jasmin

owners: Mr & Mrs Gaydon

breeders: Mr R & Mrs S Wogan

1st CC - National Terrier

2nd CC - Windsor

3rd CC - Leeds

Tomlyndon Look Of Love


by Ch Lindenka Brannigan

ex Lasara Libra at Tomlyndon

ow/br: Mr I, Mrs F & Mr T West

Reserve CC - Scottish Breeds

1st CC, BOB & Group#4 - WELKS

2nd CC & BOB - Welsh Kennel Club

Reserve CC - Belfast

Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall


by Ch Krisma Jammydodger

ex Krisma Home Alone

owner: Miss J L Kabel

breeder: Mrs D A Britten

2nd CC - Birmingham National

(New)Champion Clanestar Careless Spell, 2.4.03

by Ch Kristajen Casterspell

ex Ch Clanestar Careless Spirit

ow/br: Mrs D K Lancaster

Reserve CC - Crufts

Reserve CC - WHWT Club of England

2nd CC - Scottish K C (May)

3rd CC - Border Union

4th CC - Paignton

5th CC - Bournemouth

6th CC - Belfast

(New)Champion Inverglen Sula


by Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen

ex Inverglen Spring Melody for Ladida

owner/breeder: Mrs W Corri

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (May)

2nd CC - Bath

3rd CC - Southern Counties

(New)Champion Crinan Come Fly With Me


by Ch Karamynd High As A Kite

ex Crinan Charlies Angel

owner/breeder: Mrs B H Hands

3rd CC - Three Counties

(New)Champion Kingsview Make Or Break


by Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd

ex Kingsview Sky High

owner/breeder: Mrs J Coley

Reserve CC - East of England

1st CC - Scottish K C (August)

2nd CC & BOB - Richmond

Reserve CC - Southern WHWT Club

3rd CC,BOB & Gp#2 - Midland Cos

Karamynd Take A Bow


by Ch Krisma Streetwise

ex Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause

owner/breeder: Mrs J A Griffiths

Reserve CCs at Bath, Southern Counties, Border Union & Scottish Kennel Club (August)

1st CC - City of Birmingham

Incheril Brigitta


by Ch Lindenka Brannigan

ex Incheril Juanita

owner/breeder: Mr D Berry

1st CC - Darlington

Karamynd Take A Bow

Irish Champion Markstown Made To Measure


by Charosmack Cristmas Craker for Cooley

ex Fireside Lass

owner/breeder: Mrs J Jenkins

1st CC & BIS - N of I WHWT Club

Markstown Made To Measure

Kimgarwyn Pebble


by Kimgarwyn Apollo

ex Lasara Lookat Me

owners/breeders: Mr B & Mrs M Squire

2nd CC - L K A

ChKingsviewMakeOrBreak KimgarwynPebble07