Champion Burneze Our Marnie


by UK/Int/Nordic Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest

ex Ch Burneze Plan Bea

owners/breeders: Miss M & Mrs A Burns

BOB & Terrier Group#3 - Boston

19th CC & BOB - Manchester

20th CC - Crufts

21st CC - Scottish Breeds

22nd CC - National Terrier

Reserve CC - WHWT Club of England

23rd CC - Birmingham National

24th CC - Scottish K C (May)

25th CC & BOB - Bath

26th CC, BOB, Terrier Group#1 & Reserve BIS - Southern Counties

27th CC - Border Union

BOB & Terrier Group#3 - Blackpool

28th CC & BOB - Windsor

Reserve CC - East of England

29th CC & BIS - Southern WHWT Club

30th CC, BOB & Terrier Group#3 - Bournemouth

31st CC, BOB & Terrier Group#1 & Reserve BIS - Welsh Kennel Club

Res CC - City of B'ham,  Res CC - Richmond

32nd CC & BIS - WHWT Club

33rd CC, BOB & Terrier Group#3 - Belfast

34th CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club

35th CC, BOB & Terrier Group#2 - Midland Cos

36th CC - LKA



(New)Champion The Dashing Devil's Popcorn at Gilbri (import)


by Dutch/Int Ch Bellevue Town DJ

ex Dutch/Int Ch The Dashing Devil's To Hot To Handle

owners: Mr R & Mrs T Gaydon

breeders: K & S Van der Veen

Reserve CC - Manchester

1st CC & BIS - WHWT Club of England

Reserve CC - Bath

Reserve CC - Border Union

Reserve CC - Windsor

2nd CC & BOB - City of Birmingham

3rd CC & BOB - Richmond

4th CC & BOB - Darlington




(New)Champion Hopecharm Christmas Rose


by Int/UK Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry

ex Hopecharm Ops A Daisy

owner/breeder: Mrs S Fryer

3rd CC - WELKS

Reserve CC - Birmingham National




(New)Champion Karamynd Guilded Lily


by Int Ch Bocans Backin Business

ex Armadale's Rosebud for Karamynd

owner/breeder: Mrs J A Griffiths

Reserve CC - Southern Counties

1st CC - Three Counties

2nd CC & BOB - East of England

Reserve CC - Southern WHWT Club

3rd CC, BOB & Group#4 - Scottish K C (August)

Reserve CC - Belfast

Reserve CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club

4th CC & BOB - South Wales K A




Champion Hillsted Sweet Mystery


by Irish Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon

ex Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted

owners/breeders: Mrs K & Mr J Fox

6th CC & BOB - Leeds




Hopecharm Bit Of Fruitcake


by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game

ex Pride And Precious Sweet White Angel by Hopecharm

owner/breeder: Mrs S Fryer

1st CC, BOB & Terrier Group#1 - Paignton






































































































































Reserve CC - National Terrier

Reserve CC - Scottish Kennel Club (May)

2nd CC & BOB - Belfast

Reserve CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club



Havasu Herculepoirot


by Killynether Kolumbo

ex Irish Ch Markstown Tail Her Maid with Havasu

owners: Mr K Crockett, Mrs J Jenkins (Markstown) & Mr M Western

breeder: Mr K Crockett

1st CC - WHWT Club

Lindenka Chesterman


by Ch Pepabby Prank

ex Starstruck at Lindenka

owner/breeder: Mrs M Purchon

Reserve CC - Southern Counties

1st CC - WHWT Club

Canadian Champion Windacre Ready To Rhumble (Canada)


by Canadian Ch Windacre White Knight

ex Canadian Ch Brait Nouz Jivanshi

owner/breeder: Mrs L Carmichael

1st CC - Welsh Kennel Club

2nd CC - City of Birmingham

Reserve CC - Midland Counties

(New)Champion Pentangle Hello Oscar


by The Dashing Devil's Street Fighter

ex Pentangle Penny Lane

owners/breeders: Mr A & Mrs H Bell

Reserve CC - Scottish Kennel Club (May)

Reserve CC - Border Union

1st CC - East of England

Reserve CC - Leeds

2nd CC - Scottish Kennel Club (August)

3rd CC & BOB - Darlington


Bocans Blade


by Bocans Strictly Business

ex Bocans Fancy That

ow: Mrs J Judge-Ford (Woofstock)

                            & Mrs S Clements (Roxholm)

breeder: Mrs J Steemson

1st CC & BOB - Birmingham National

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Crinan Code Name Westlake


by Irish Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon

ex Crinan Celesta

owners: Mr A & Mrs L Strand

breeder: Mrs B Hands

Reserve CC - Scottish Kennel Club (August)

1st CC - WHWT Club

Reserve CC - South Wales

Kingsview Warwick


by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Playing Away

                                                      at Tomlyndon

ex Ch Kingsview Make Or Break

owner/breeder: Mrs J Coley

Reserve CC - Darlington

1st CC - Midland Counties

Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree

(New)Champion Tomlyndon Eager Ernest


by French/Lux Ch Fils De Pub Du Moulin De MacGregor

ex Tomlyndon Maid For The Stage

ow/br: Mr I, Mrs F & Mr T West

1st CC - Leeds

Reserve CC - Paignton

2nd CC & BOB - Richmond

3rd CC, BOB & Group#3 - Belfast

4th CC, BOB & Group#3 - L K A

Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree

Brychdyn Diamond Geezer


by Irish Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon

ex Brychdyn Marquise

owners/breeders: Mr I & Mrs E Hughes

Reserve CC - Crufts

1st CC & BOB - Windsor

2nd CC - Southern WHWT Club

Reserve CC - L K A


Hopecharm Ed Turner at Lynnsto


by Serbian Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper

ex Hopecharm Fleur De Lis

owner: Ms M Dale

breeder: Mrs S Fryer

1st CC, BOB & Group#1 - Bournemouth

Reserve CC - Welsh Kennel Club

Pentangle Hello Oscar cropped

German Champion Magic Mondriaan vom Marchengarten (Germany)


by Brait Nouz Grasshopper

ex Magic Like Heaven-Sent vom Marchengarten

owner/breeder: Inga Flamang

1st CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club

Pedigree Bocans Blade cropped Kingsview Warwick cropped Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree BURNEZE OUR MARNIE cropped