Bitch CC winners 2012

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B Puppy winners

Lynnsto Eye Candy


by Lynnsto Barclaycard

ex Lynnsto Smartypants

owner/breeder: Ms M Dale

1st CC - Birmingham National

Reserve CC - Midland Counties

(new)Champion Lynnsto Platinum


by Lynnsto Barclaycard

ex Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto

owner/breeder: Ms M Dale

Reserve CC - Birmingham National

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (May)

1st CC - Three Counties

2nd CC - Southern WHWT Club

Reserve CC - City of Birmingham

3rd CC & BIS - WHWT Club

Champion Faymar Fine Romance


by Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr

ex Davot Chase The Lady for Faymar

owner/breeder: Mrs V A Smith

(new)Champion Ashgate Moonsie


by Spanish/UK Ch Alborada Centurion

ex Ch Ashgate Maybole

owner/breeder: Mrs S Thomson

3rd CC - National Terrier

Reserve CC - WHWT Club of England

Champion Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview


by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game

ex Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause

owner: Mrs J Coley

breeder: Mrs J A Griffiths

4th CC - Crufts

Reserve CC - National Terrier

Maxula Box Of Tricks


by Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd

ex Maxula Aim To Play

ow/br: Mr D & Mrs M Noyce

1st CC & Best Puppy - WELKS


Rockcliff’s Kiss Me Kate

(resident in the Netherlands)


by Multi Ch Caithness Postmaster

ex A New Beginning v.d. Fectio de Romani

owner: D. de Reuver

1st CC & CAC - Dortmund, Germany

(new)Champion Lizandycris Ain't She Grand


by Ch Karamynd Play It Again

ex Lizandycris Allyah

ow/br: Mrs J E Carlin & Miss J E Gillott

Reserve CC - Manchester

Reserve CC - Crufts

Reserve CC - Three Counties

1st CC - Windsor

2nd CC - East of England

3rd CC - Leeds

4th CC - Bournemouth

Comdale Starr


by Ch Pepabby Prank

ex Comdale Talk The Talk

ow/br: Mr S & Mrs D Jennings

1st CC - Southern Counties

Reserve CC - East of England

Reserve CC - Paignton


6th CC - Manchester      7th CC & BOB - Scottish Breeds

8th CC - WHWT Club of England

Reserve CC - WELKS

9th CC & BOB - Scottish K C (May)    10th CC - Bath

Reserve CC - Southern Counties

11th CC & BOB - Border Union

12th CC, BOB, Group#1 & Reserve BIS - Paignton

13th CC - Welsh K C       Reserve CC - Scottish K C (August)

14th CC - City of Birmingham

15th CC & BOB - Darlington

Burneze Plan Bea


by Bocans Top Gun

ex Burneze Ever So Clever

ow/br: Miss M & Mrs A Burns

1st CC & BOB - Scottish KC (August)

Reserve CC - Darlington

Lizandycris Aint She Grand

Brorastar Ain't She Sweet


by NZ Grand Ch Candido du Moulin de Macgregor

ex Ch Ashgate Camellia

ow/br: Dr S Cooper

1st CC - Richmond

Reserve CC - WHWT Club

UK/Irish Champion Killynether Krazy For You


by Russian/Irish/UK Ch Markstown Mr Havasu

ex Ch Killynether Kimiko

owner/breeder: Mrs P A Molony

5th CC - Belfast

Pepabby Pirouette


by Lorbri Sweet Talkin Guy

ex Ch Pepabby Priceless

ow/br: Mr J & Mrs P Edmondson

Reserve CC - Belfast

1st CC - N of I WHWT Club

Champion Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri


by Irish/UK Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town

ex Bellevue Specially Maid

owners: Mr & Mrs R J & T M Gaydon

breeder: Mrs T Squire

Reserve CC - Welsh KC

22nd CC - South Wales KA

Bocans Hot Stuff


by Ned/Lux/Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit

ex Bocans Black Pearl

owner/breeder: Mrs J Steemson

2nd CC, BOB & Group#4 - Midland Counties

Comdale Miss January at Hillsted


by Ch Pepabby Prank

ex Comdale Talk The Talk

owners: Mr J & Mrs K Fox

breeders: Mr S & Mrs D Jennings

1st CC - LKA

Lynnsto Platinum 2012 cropped Lynnsto Eye Candy cropped PepabbyPirouette Maxula Box Of Tricks Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri Killynether Krazy For You cropped Ch_Comdale_Miss_January_at_Hillsted On Cue for Kingsview