Bitch CC winners 2011

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Lilmill Giv Me Your Answer Do


by Kyntilly Just The Measure

ex Kenmillto Front Page News at Lilmill

ow/br: Messrs A J Lilley & S D Milling

1st CC - Manchester

B Puppy winners

Champion Ashgate Camellia


by Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe

ex Ashgate Arum Lily

owner: Dr S Cooper (Brorastar)

breeder: Miss K Davis

5th CC - Crufts

Champion Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri


by Irish/UK Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town

ex Bellevue Specially Maid

owners: Mr & Mrs R J & T M Gaydon

breeder: Mrs T Squire

11th CC - Scottish Breeds

12th CC - National Terrier

Reserve CC - WHWT Club of England

13th CC & BOB - W E L K S

14th CC & BOB - Bath

15th CC & BOB - Three Counties

16th CC - Border Union

17th CC - Windsor

Reserve CC - East of England

18th CC, BOB & Group#3 - Leeds

19th CC, BOB & Group#3 - Paignton

20th CC - Scottish K C (August)

Reserve CC - Darlington

21st CC - South Wales K A

Reserve CC - L K A

(new)Champion Llovall As Mama Said to Comdale


by Ch Ashgate U S Patriot

ex Llovall Anything Goes

owners: Mr S & Mrs D Jennings

breeder: Miss J Kabel

Reserve CC - Scottish Breeds

2nd CC - WHWT Club of England

Reserve CC - W E L K S

3rd CC - Birmingham National

(new)Champion Inverglen Sophie


by UK/Int Ch Ashgate Scot's Progress

ex Ch Inverglen Sula

owner/breeder: Mrs W Corri

Reserve CC - Birmingham National

1st CC - Scottish K C (May)

2nd CC - Welsh K C

Reserve CC - Scottish K C (August)

3rd CC - Belfast

Karamynd Make A Splash


by Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd

ex Krisma Trouble In Mind at Karamynd

owner/breeder: Mrs J A Griffiths

Reserve CC - Crufts

Reserve CC - Border Union

1st CC - Southern WHWT Club

Ashgate Camellia Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri

(new)Champion Faymar Fine Romance


by Llovall Ain't Misbehavin Mr

ex Davot Chase The Lady for Faymar

owner/breeder: Mrs V A Smith

2nd CC - Southern Counties

Reserve CC - Three Counties

3rd CC - East of England

Reserve CC - Leeds

4th CC & BOB - Darlington

Reserve CC - Belfast

5th CC - North of Ireland WHWT Club

Reserve CC - South Wales K A

Bocans Playin With Fire


by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game

ex Bocans Skies The Limit

owner/breeder: Mrs J Steemson

1st CC - Bournemouth

Ashgate Moonsie


by Spanish/UK Ch Alborada Centurion

ex Ch Ashgate Maybole

owner/breeder: Mrs S Thomson

1st CC & BOB - City of Birmingham

2nd CC - Richmond

(new)Champion Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview


by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game

ex Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause

owner: Mrs J Coley

breeder: Mrs J A Griffiths

Reserve CC - Southern WHWT Club

Reserve CC - City of Birmingham

2nd CC & BIS - WHWT Club

3rd CC & BOB - Midland Counties

Lizandycris Ruby Tuesday at Charosmack


by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game

ex Bocharo Miss Tique at Lizandycris

ow: Mesdames J Carlin, E Gillott & R Dunne

breeders: Mesdames J Carlin & E Gillott

1st CC - L K A

Faymar Fine Romance