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Winners' details

The breed's current success in the Terrier group continued at Birmingham, when Wistonant Cassie by Vallange took her 2nd CC then went #4 in the group under Mrs M Billings from the USA.  Breed judge was Terrier specialist Maurice Marshall of the Whittingford Welsh.  BOB, Cassie was previously best bitch at the National Terrier.  Best dog was no stranger to group success, Marie and Ann Burn's Ch Burneze Chatter Box winning his 6th CC and already winner of BIS at Scottish Breeds with 2 group#2 and a group#4 under his belt.

Both reserves were firsts for the recipients.  In dogs it was Sue Thomson's Ashgate Inish Biggle, fresh from BIS at the Southern Club open show, who won the limit class.  The latest big winner from the great Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ashgate Whallsey at K???? and bred by ?????.  Bitch reserve came from junior, Mrs Dent's Royalcartier Miss Elegant at Lesanthas.  Bred by Jim Smith, she won a BP award last year and is the 4th RCC winner by UK/Irish Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate.  All four and his CC winner, Lamsmore Miss Brodie are from Sinclair daughters.  Miss Elegant's dam, R Elegance is herself  a RCC winner and litter sister to Ch R Connoisseur.

Best puppy, his 5th and final went to Dot Britten's Krisma Jammydodger from puppy dog.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners


Dog classes

Minor Puppy (3 entered, 2 absent)

1. Clinch's West Highland Warrior


Puppy (4,2)

1. Britten's Krisma Jammydodger (Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Krisma Telling Tales)

2. West Highland Warrior


Junior (7,3)

1. Dingley's Davot Chivalrous Chap (Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer ex Palubriken Chime Of Freedom via Davot)

2. Legg's Westfire Mister Tom (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Hillcloud Icebreaker)

3. Griffin's Burlmere Dare To Query (Burlmere Classic Cliche ex Rotella Misssplelt Yoof at Burlmere)


Graduate (1)

1. Windram's Bravo Tango (Ch Newtonglen Fagan ex Naughty Non)


Post Graduate (9,4)

1. Etteann Lord Of The Glen (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Isly at Etteann)

2. Mackman's Heshe High Hopes at Grandmac (Ch Famecheck Hopeful Quest ex Heshe Maybe Magic)

3. Steene's Krisma Moonshot (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Olac Miami Moon)


Limit (10,1)

1. Thomson's Ashgate Inish Biggle (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ashgate Whallsey at K???)

2. Soar's Sonja First Edition (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Bellevue Juss Perfick)

3. Atkins' Abercroft Akira (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Abercroft Abeauty)


Open (11,2)

1. Burns' Ch Burneze Chatter Box (Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy ex Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze)

2. Millen & McGregor's Sarmac Merry Duke (Ch Sarmac Merry Monarch ex Sarmac Just Wait And See)

3. Vallange Warlord (Crookfields Calcagus ex Vallange Scarlet O'Hara)


Bitch classes

Minor Puppy (5,1)

1. Thomson's Ashgate Mary (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ch Ashgate Spey)

2. Coley's Kingsview Willo The Wisp (Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Bocharo Iced Jewel)

3. Skelton's Avianco Vanilla Sky (Avianco Atlanta ex Justrite Lucky Charm)


Puppy (10,2)

1. Search's Bocharo Country Rose (Ch Chatterdale Country Manor ex ???)

2. Chudley's Chryzara Queen Of The Night (Vallange Warlord ex Chryzara Love Token)

3. Cobb's Fosseleigh Clarissa (Crinan Cutabove ex Fosseleigh Lucretia)


Junior (8,3)

1. Dent's Royalcartier Miss Elegant at Lesanthas (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Royalcartier Elegance)

2. Jones' Earlsdale Penny Forum (Ashgate Stanley ex Braw Lass for Earlsdale)

3. Squire's Lasara Lookat Me (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Ch Lasara Love Me Too)


Graduate (4,1)

1. Foster's Havasu Hidden Treasure at Thozow (Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man ex Havasu Honesty)

2. Minett's Duskhunter Angel Image (Pryorvale Image Maker ex Duskhunter Charlies Angel)

3. Harper's Westigo Senzational (Ch Jillso Just For Me ex Westigo Senza)


Post Graduate (12,5)

1. Jones' Earlsdale Scarlet Ribbons (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Rotella Incongito at Earlsdale)

2. Coley's Kingsview Sky High (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Kingsview Tillymint)

3. Carmichael's Alchez Teelas Twice As Nice (Alchez Action Man ex Yulike Carmen Sutra at Alchez)


Limit (14,7)

1. Abbey's Ashgate Saucher at Kristajen (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Ashgate Skene)

2. Jennings' Comdale Grand Cassatta (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Compach Lass of Comdale)

3. Clarke's Roscafin Arrena of Lynnsto (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin)


Open (11,1)

1. Harris' Wistonant Cassie by Vallange (Ch Vallange Lord Of Love ex Wistonant Little Sadie)

2. Steemson's Bellevue Adorable (Janchard Unforgeta-Bell ex Wesscots Fairytale)

3. Broom's Gilbri Worth The Wait (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate ex Gilbri Dominique)