Puppy (5 entered, 3 present)

1st  Squire's Kimgarwyn Alco

2nd Burns' Burneze Talk O The Devil

3rd Aiken's Wymann Snowflake


Junior (0)


Post Graduate (2,2)

1st Fitzpatrick's Royalcounty Streetwise Guy

2nd Crockett's Havasu Hobgoblin


Limit (3,3)

1st Corri's Inverglen Celtic Raider

2nd Griffiths's Karamynd High As A Kite

3rd Burke's Milo Mctavish of Clee-Cnoc


Open (4,3)

1st  Burns' Ch Burneze Chatter Box  CC & BOB

Puppy (7,5)

1st Smith's Killynether Koko at Lorbri

2nd Molony's Killynether Kimiko

3rd Purchon's Lindenka Kerrygan

4th Corri's Inverglen Enchanted

5th Owens' Crevamoy Dreamgirl at Duncabury


Junior (1,1)

1st McManus's Brougherview White Heather


Post Graduate (5,4)

1st Squire's Kimgarwyn Little Mo

2nd Troughton's Lorbri Jive Talkin to Killynether

3rd Reidie's Hopecharm Stairway To Heav'n at Asheridgelee

4th Lee's Daphayr Truly Scrumptious


Limit (4,4)

1st Smith's Burneze Just Anny Lusion at Lorbri

2nd Coley's Kingsview Willo The Wisp

3rd Squire's Kimgarwyn Night Breeze

4th McManus's Chloe Isobella at Brougherview


Open (5,3)

1st Crockett's Charosmack Cracked Ice over Havasu  Reserve CC

2nd Burns' Ch Burneze Proudly Presents

3rd Purchon's Lindenka Shannon